Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Bit of an Explanation

Here's the whole story on Moody. I thought you all should know :)

I wasn't ever considering the thought of transferring last semester. However, I was feeling more and more confused about what I want to study. I really want to do Bible translation eventually or some other related work overseas. For that reason I was going to major in classics here--to get a foundation in languages (latin/greek), etc. But I kept feeling like I didn't really want to study classics. Even if i did major in classics, I would have to get more schooling after Hillsdale before I could work with an agency overseas (these thoughts were developing over Christmas). I didn't tell anyone because I felt like I was still adjusting and feeling homesick. I didn't want those reasons to be why I decided to transfer.
So I came back this semester with the thought in the back of my mind but it was really getting to me. I started thinking about how much money I would save if I went to a school starting now that offered those classes I need and want to take. I can't afford to pay for Hillsdale AND go on to get more schooling after...I have a friend at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and so I got in contact with her. I knew it was (is) a really good school and sends a lot of people overseas. They have a fantastic linguistics program with Bible/Theology/Missions as the foundation. It's a really neat program and I get SO excited whenever I look at the classes or think about taking them.
I started prayed about it, talked with my parents, wrote to the friend there at Moody, and it all took shape. Things started falling in place and I got the application and have been trying to get it done and postmarked by the 1st of March. I've been so overwhelmed and stressed with the application, school, and then about a week or two ago I started telling my close friends here. That was really hard and everything was in an uproar for a few days and poor Hallie (my roommate and closest friend here!!) and I were talking and crying about it a lot. It is such a hard decision because I am realizing more and more that I am SO going to miss my friends here...part of me says no, don't go. Stay here with your friends and develop the relationships you've started. Study something else and save for graduate school. But the other part says no, go to Moody, there are wonderful opportunities and people there also. Even though I would have to transition all over again the academics will be a better fit (as far as doing what I want to, where my passion is, where my "future" is...). The hard thing is that I have no idea what God has planned. I might marry out of college and my husband might do something completely other than translation overseas. Maybe he'll be a pilot...maybe not. I don't know! The beauty of it all (and what I've been learning) is that God's will and His plans are so much bigger than mine. I seem to hold Him to ONE plan and if I don't find that one plan I am really going to mess things up. But He offers lots of possibilities within the realm of His sovereign purpose and direction. There is liberty to pick and choose. This is great but it is also really difficult :)
So, nothing is for sure until I get in. If I do, I am pretty sure that's what I would like to do. If not, i will probably stay. I'm not looking anywhere else right now. 1 out of every 4 students that applies gets there is competition. We'll see :). But I want everyone to know that I would never take back my experiences here. That's another thing...for a while I felt really upset like I had wasted time here and wasted others time here. If God really does want me to go that other route, why did he open all the doors to come here? Why did He have me make these friendships if it is going to be so painful to leave them? I realized soon after that it was absolutely NOT a waste. I have learned so much, experienced so much and met so many INCREDIBLE people. I love my friends so so so much. Sometimes the thought of leaving makes my heart hurt so bad. Especially when I'm with my friends. Sigh. I feel heavy and burdened but then I also feel excited by all the opportunities God is handing out to me. His ways are so beyond mine! His thoughts are so high above mine! Moments like these make me appreciate what God has given me. Can I just say that I love you, friends!--Hallie, Angie, Lauren, Donna, Hannah, Erin, Nancy, Brad, Chase, Josh, Jared, Mark and Isaac. And even though we have been busy and haven't been able to hang out much--PIKO!!! May I remind you all that you are super special to me...all in your own, unique way :) Also, let's treasure our time together!!

Allie gave me Psalm 37:23 and it has been of great comfort :) "The steps of man are established by the Lord; And He delights in His way." I love you, Allie! Thank you!!


Allie said...

Oh my dear dear friend, I love you so much! And I love your glasses A LOT.

Allie said...

are you going to fort wayne this weekend, cause I am going to be in fort wayne this weekend. Just thought that was funny. See you in less than a month!

M. Perkins said...

"Dear God, let your will be done in Andrea's life, because You know what's best for her.... oh, and it'd be really great if your will was for her to stay."


Anonymous said...

are you trying to get me to cry... :) But im so excited for you too... I can't wait to see God does in your life...

On a side note: Fort Wayne is going to be so much fun. Even though I don't show it im super excited too... Take care