Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cheese and Apples.....Mmmmm is 12:46 am on Saturday and I have two papers to write by Monday. Huh. Not such a good thing...But its ok. I am going to stay up late tonight (well, LatER) and get as much done as possible before bed. Speaking of bed, mine is definitely calling my name. Sigh...

I had the most wonderful snack of REAL cheese and an apple. YUM! It's one of my favorite snacks :) Now I am listening to Conspiracy Among Friends--Anthem and drinking coffee. Maybe it will help me stay awake? Hopefully, I'm fading fast. This is the last big push, though. After Monday things will get easier. Sure, I have finals but I will have plenty of time to study for them...and no other extra homework.

Anyway. I need to get working. Hope you all have wonderful, restful nights ;)

Oh! P.S. I had my last Sundahl seminar on Thursday. It was weird...its weird to be experiencing these "lasts" now. Sigh...I really enjoyed that class. I really enjoyed having Dr.Sundahl. Here's a picture of our small seminar. Fun group!! :)


Allie said...

Good luck with all the work. Finish well and work hard. We are almost done! I love you and am looking forward to summer with you!

Allie said...

Oh! I LOVE cheese and apples too!