Sunday, March 12, 2006

Fun in Ft. Wayne

This was a MUCH needed escape from school...It's a beautiful drive to Indiana.

Hannah drove Donna and I down to Ft. Wayne to meet Allie (who drove up from Taylor) and her friend Rachel (also from Taylor). It was wonderful. We ate lunch and then shopped at a really nice outdoor mall (Jefferson Point). It was such a beautiful day! Perfect!!! It's been in the 60's....ahhhhhh. I love it. I have missed the warm sun.

Alright. Here are pictures and now I have to study. I have been so unfocused the past few weeks. It's ridiculous. I need to get my act together. sigh.


Anonymous said...

All three of you are so beautiful. :-)

M. Perkins said...

To quote teensy-Gager: "Cute cute cute cute cute!"


Piko said...

I love Jefferson Pointe!

captainplanet said...

Yay for friends!!!

Allie said...

haha. mark your comment made me laugh. Thanks Hallie. And I agree Donna, yay for my wonderful friends!