Friday, June 02, 2006

Simple Pleasures

Tonight we had dinner with old family friends. They invited another friend of theirs to come who is a missionary with Wycliffe and it was SO NEAT to have her there and hear her stories. Man...there are some really incredible people in this world...who have seen and experienced some pretty amazing things. whoa. :)

THEN!...on the way home (it was just me and my brother in my car) we drove with the windows down. Sigh. You might not be able to understand, but that is one of my ALL TIME favorite things to do at night--drive with the windows down and the music WAY up. It is pretty much amazing. Plus, the friends live over in the foothills so we were driving up near the mountains and had an amazing view of the tucson city lights. And the songs on the radio were perfect: "we are the champions," "when soul meets body," "sweet home alabama" (i don't remember the others).

Aaaah. I am so content right now. And tomorrow we (my sister, Jay, brother and I) leave early for the Grand Canyon. I CAN'T wait! I am going to take so many pictures. I wish you guys could see it. It would take your breath away. I hope you can (at one time or another) come visit me and I will take you to see it.

Call me if you want. It's the weekend so we get free cell minutes! woohoo. Although, I might be down in the Grand Canyon an probably won't have my cell phone :) That would definitely not be the time or place to be talking on a phone. YUCK.

Hallie, I forgot about this dinner thing we had tonight when I talked to you this afternoon, so I couldn't call. I'll try maybe tomorrow evening/night or sunday evening/night. I want to talk! :)

Josh! What did you do to your hair?? :)

Jared!...when do you get here? I'm so excited.

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Piko said...

So, my favorite part of your post was your shout-out to me! Oh wait...