Friday, September 22, 2006

Check them out!

These two new blogs...on the bottom of my "links" list right there to your left are two knew blog links. Check them out. Interesting.

That's all.


M. Perkins said...

Wow. Interesting is right.

Some thoughts.

The second blog made me feel sick -- genuinely naseated. The "looks-like-a-human" argument has always been singularly the worst, most putrid, revolting, and ungodly argument I've heard. Recognizability is probably the most frightening argument I hear or encounter. "You bear the Imago Dei because you look like me." Such a scary, sick thought. His Genesis support was forced and entirely presumptive. It really made me sick.

"God's Politics"... title seems like the new, left version of "pick your politics; reference Jesus." I don't see any difference between that and the Republican Jesus.

Wallis is somewhat disturbing to me; less so, but a little frightening. First of all, because he implies that his politics are "God's politics." Always a horrible method of argumentation, and a frightening inference of utmost arrogance. Then there's the Bono-like tendency to turn the Gospel into social justice. The Gospel is not about fighting injustice -- a desecration of the importance of Christ's death that is nearly as unholy as the "get rich through Jesus" Gospel.

Another thing that's disturbing: it could just be the broadcast, but Wallis basically seems to overlook abortion as something important... It seems like he's against abortion with the same fervor and passion that I'm against the graduated tax system -- which is to say, not much. Against in principle, but it's down there with changing corporate law on the list of priorities... Which shocks me. 40 million slaughtered in America in thirty years. What bigger issue is there? If anything, evangelicals take it FAR too lightly. We believe, in principle, that millions are dying, but do we *really* believe it? Do we really believe unborn babies are people just like 25-year-olds? If 40 million 25-year-olds were killed in the last thirty years, would there be the same response?

Less frightening, but still dangerous, is Wallis' apparent idea that we can fix poverty/AIDS/Africa through political means (aka exporting money, using the government to support African poverty). It scares me that Bono and Wallis and others seem to advocate a political solution that would treat Africa and other impoverished areas in the same way we treat our Native American reservations. What have we done to the Native Americans in the last 150 years?

I fervently believe that if we pursue the solutions offered by liberal politics to these issues, we are going to damn decades of African people in the same way we've corrupted generations of Native Americans... with the notable that the kind of aid we currently offer Native Americans can in no long-term sense be sustained indefinitely in Africa as it here... meaning that we'll have to, eventually, abandon a culture we will have stripped of any self-responsibility and the ability to support itself.

Andrea said...

whoa ;) I think we should talk about this on the phone sometime. It would be easier. Plus I want to hear more of your thoughts...and i have some of my own.