Friday, September 15, 2006

"Get Naked"

Naked Juice=My new love. "A pound of fruit in every bottle!" Working at a grocery store allows me the privilege of knowing when the stuff is on sale. Aaaah, what joy :) Since i've been sick, I've been drinking it a whole lot. Every time I bring home a bottle, Luke says "Get naked!" and laughs. The simple things amuse him...crazy kid. I recommend the Pomegranate and Orange juices, the Kiwi/Strawberry smoothie, and the Red Machine smoothie.

Today is my day off. I ran errands (picked up my parents anniversary gift!) and am now back at home. Mom and I have spent a lazy afternoon together chatting. The weather is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Tucson gets beautiful in the fall and winter. It is finally starting to cool off...sigh. I think I might read on the back patio.

Tonight I am going to Navs. He is speaking on 2 Timothy--how to avoid becoming a spiritual casualty. I am looking forward to it.

I'm covering a shift for someone tomorrow--working my first morning shift. I start at 7:30am!! But I get off at 1:15 so that'll be nice. It leaves me time to plan something fun tomorrow afternoon/evening.

Alright. I think that's all. Oh. Before I leave...I want to share this verse that I read this morning and found much power in.
Psalm 29:9 "The voice of the Lord makes the deer give birth and strips the forests bare, and in his temple all cry 'Glory!'"


Chase said...

I really want some of that sounds just about as delicious as Vitamin Water!

Things have been alright here...a little tense of late, but well enough. I can't wait till you visit in November!

Andrea said...

You would probably like it :) Chase! You have to go to the Health Food Store and buy Steez Green Tea Soda. It is SO good. I had it all the time when I worked there. I'm excited to get some more when I visit...Look forward to seeing you!!

M. Perkins said...


(just kidding. Naked juice is really good, and I'm pretty sure it's superior to Vitamin Water in every respect. That's right Purdy.)

Andrea said...

haha. It is superior to vitamin water, but they are each good in their own way.

M. Perkins said...

Kinda like grilled-to-perfection Teriyaki chicken and McDonald's chicken nuggets are good in their own way, right?

Again, kidding. I've never had Vitamin water. It just seems like so fake. Like enriched white bread.

Andrea said...

"Seems like so fake?" Haha. sound like a dumb blonde.