Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Exciting Plans for the Fall

On the Agenda:
Backpacking trip with dad
Tubing the Salt River with Hannah
Rock climbing with Luke
Canoeing/kayaking with family
Camping trips!
Sew with mom (I'm still in the middle of a skirt and a quilt)
Concerts (Guster, for one :))

Exploring new sides of Tucson. (hannah is going to take me to the pita pit...and I want to explore more of the shops on 4th avenue)
When the weather cools down I am going to run more

Continue my cooking (I have two new cookbooks to use :))
Study (CLEP tests)
Spend time with people i wouldn't be able to otherwise...family (especially Luke during his last year of high school!) and friends (hannah!!)
Read (there are a few books I would like to get my hands on...I like to read at Starbucks...especially in the cooler weather. It's one of my favorite things to do here...I know its kinda silly. Oh the simple things)

Get to know people at work better
Spend more time with my teacher Mrs. O'Hair

Obviously this is a list of ideas. I can't spend too much money, I need to be saving. Luckily things like rock climbing and camping, etc cost practically nothing. I'm so excited. I will be working all the time...this week I almost hit overtime. yikes! At least most of these options can be day trips (for my day off!)

I am excited about all the opportunities open to me...and I feel like more are opening all the time. I am going to be in CHICAGO in January. That is so crazy! I can't believe it. Really, this is a super short time. I have been worried about feeling sad and lonely about not being with hillsdale friends, etc. I will be, for sure, but it won't be long before I'm in that area again. One semester is hardly anything. I don't want to waste this time by feeling sorry for myself. I have been realizing how incredibly LUCKY I am. This is such an amazing change in my life. I am going on to study something completely new and different at Moody. In the meantime, I get to earn money (building relationships with new people) and spend time with people I haven't spent time with in quite a while. Investing in those I love is really important to me. i am thankful I will be here to "bond" more with Luke. He is all excited about getting his rock climbing equipment and taking me up the mountain. I can't wait. And he's going to teach me to kayak :). I thank God that He is beginning to reveal more of Himself to me in this situation. It's exciting.

I'd really like to do something with kids. But that's something I still need to look into. I don't know what kinds of volunteer programs I might be able to find...we'll see. It's hard with work because I have no set schedule. It changes week to week and I usually only have one or two days off. I might actually go to Mexico with my dad if I can pull it off. We'll see how things go with work :)

Jay and Kristen come back the 15th and leave for Philly the 19th. I'm excited to see them but rather sad that it is only for such a short time. I want to be with them!! Sad. Oh well. Who knows what the future holds. I might get to spend more time with them again in the near future. Perhaps thanksgiving! :)

So i got tomorrow off in exchange for Thursday. the David Wilcox concert is in phoenix at 7. I am SO excited about it. I think I am going alone...which is a bummer but I am still really looking forward to it. I worked 8 and 1/2 hrs yesterday and have the same shift today. I'm pretty exhausted. Sleep is sweet and deep these days :)

That's all for now. I finally got to a "real" update. yay! I love you guys.
I found this quote on the Simple Way blog and thought it was really neat.

"You must realize that it is the ordinary way of God's dealings with us that our ideas do not work out speedily and efficiently as we would like them to. The reason for this is not only the loving wisdom of God, but also the fact that our acts have to fit into a great complex pattern that we cannot possibly understand. I have learned over the years that Providence is always a whole lot wiser than any of us, and that there are always not only good reasons but the very best reasons for the delays and blocks that often seem to us so frustrating and absurd."

"The Hidden Ground of Love", Letters by Thomas Merton.

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Allie said...

yay, i am happy for you!!! After reading your blog, however, I am so sad to leave :(