Saturday, August 26, 2006

New Developments You Probably Don't Know About

So...I've changed my major at Moody. I think most of you know...I just got really excited again tonight thinking about it. I want to start studying now! I am a little torn, though. I'm not sure which I want to be my major and which I want to be my minor. For most of the summer now I have been decided on an Urban Ministries major with a minor in linguistics or Greek/Hebrew (I really want to do the language thing still). It gets more exciting :) Mark was at Eagle Lake this summer and met someone who goes to Moody and who is majoring in "Biblical Languages." I didn't even know they offered that major but it sounds amazing...Greek and Hebrew!! So I think I am going to minor in Biblical Languages. I'm incredibly excited to get into the material. Here are some of the classes from both majors that I am most excited about taking. There really aren't many that I'm NOT excited about. But these looks especially good :)
I can't express to you how excited this makes me...oh man! Here's the list:

History of American Urban Diversity

Christianity & Western Culture I

Urban Issues in the Church

Christianity & Western Culture II

History & Theology in Urban

Theories and Methods of
Urban Evangelism

Intercultural Communication

Principles of Church Growth and
Planting in North America

Contemporary Issues in Science

Ministry Leadership and Staff

Philosophy of Urban Ministry

Ministry Internship

The Church and Its Doctrines

Studying and Teaching the Bible

Old Testament Survey

New Testament Survey

Spiritual Life and Community

Introduction to Disciple-making

Hermeneutics/Bible Study Methods

Greek Grammar

Hebrew Grammar

Greek Exegesis

Hebrew Exegesis

Life in Bible Times


M. Perkins said...

Ridiculous. That's a pretty sweet class offering.

Allie said...

wow! I am excited for you.

Anonymous said...

You did not tell me this! I'm excited for you. I'm so glad that you'll be studying what have a passion for.

You know, it doesn't feel natural to be apart. It's raining here and I wish we could sit on my bed and talk. But you have been such an amazing support these past few days and no matter what you will always be the best. I love you. So much.