Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Step Up

Today was my day off. Woo!! My mom and I spent the day together. It was SO fun. We went and saw "Step Up." Haha. I liked it a lot. Sure, laugh all you want...but I really enjoy dancing movies. And, once again, I came away REALLY wanting to take dance classes. So it's official. On my list of things to do...take dance classes. I would like to take several kinds of dance. I better marry someone that likes to dance. Maybe I'll marry someone who knows how to dance. Even better!

aaahh! I just want to DANCE. It looks like so much fun. Oh, and if any of you watch the trailer i don't want to hear it. I know it looks really stupid. The trailer looks worse than it actually was--the acting wasn't that bad at all. Plus, if you're going to find people who can dance well, chances are they won't be the greatest actors ever. Anyway, all this to say I recommend the movie. :)

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