Sunday, October 22, 2006


I like Wilco. A lot. They have a song called Hummingbird that I like. A lot. I also really like their song California Stars. I think they are my new favorite band.

I worked 42 hours last week. Crazy. The week went by really fast. I suppose that's good. It was sort of a weird week. Lot's of crazy things happening with friends and relationships. Sometimes it all just makes me laugh. I've been in a laughing mood lately. Mostly it just blows my mind how God brings people together--as friends or as more. The wonder of it all makes me smile and then the laugh escapes. Can I help it?? It's cool to see how people meet, too, and who brings them together. I like my friends at work. A lot. Anne Marie and I hung out after work the other night and just talked and ate in her car until 2:30 in the morning. It was pretty much amazing. I love her. It makes me sad to think about leaving her. Sigh.

I went to my high school's homecoming tonight. It was weird. I don't know many people there. But Luke's friends are cool. I like them a whole lot. Oh! AND I got to see a good friend and teacher (Mrs. O'Hair). We're going to lunch on wednesday. I am SO excited!!

I have tomorrow off. FINALLY a sunday off! I am looking forward to it. I need to finish some Christmas secrets and do a lot of cleaning. and read. I'm on to reading St. Augustine's Confessions. Part of it, at least. I'm reading bits and pieces of a lot of books. It's kind of nice. I'm enjoying them all quite a lot.

i can't believe it will be November in 10 days. I leave soon. Very weird.

It's late and I should go to bed. Love to you all this Lord's Day!


Nathan Winslow said...

I'm looking forward to your visit. Hopefully I be able to see you a few times since I don't live in Galloway anymore.

Andrea said...

me too! I'm sure you will see me. I'll be there for a couple of days at least. I'm excited! :)