Tuesday, October 24, 2006

When you start coughing up blood it's a bad thing.

Hannah: "When I coughed, blood came out in my spit."
Me: "That isn't good. Have you seen a doctor?"
Hannah: "Yes. He said it was normal."
Me: "Normal?! hannah, coughing up blood it NOT normal. what if you have TB??"
Hannah: *laughs*
Me: "When people cough up blood it usually means they are going to die."
Hannah: *laughs* "No..."

Apparently she has a NORMAL sickness that EVERYONE has right now...its "going around." I say coughing up blood is a very bad thing. I'm glad you called into work sick, Hannah. And PLEASE....let me know if things get worse :). Haha. I love how you laugh at my concern. It really was a very funny conversation. I love you!!

I was supposed to work 3-8 tonight. I worked 3-11. Sigh. They extended my shift to 9 because they were short. Then someone asked me to stay for her because she wasn't feeling well. I have a really hard time saying no to healthy people...so you can probably figure out how it all ended. She walked out the door at 9 as I watched from my completely boring post at U-scan. Alas...I need the money. I only have a short time left at the store anyhow. I might as well get more hours.

Tomorrow I don't work till 7:15pm. I'm pretty thrilled. Mom and I are going out to LUNCH together! woohoo. Fun. I'm excited to hang out with her.

Alright. Goodnight to all...

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Allie said...

Oh, my gosh, I could hear you and Hannah in my head as I read that! I miss you too, a lot.