Friday, October 13, 2006

One Month, Five Days

Until I LEAVE....for the midwest. Aaaah. I am SO excited. However, I have been getting very sentimental about leaving work. It's weird, i know, but true. Last night I made brownies and brought them in to the closers at 11:30. Baking is no fun unless you have someone to bake FOR. I love my co-workers (most of them)!! I will miss them a whole lot...

In other news. I am back on track studying for the CLEP test. I am also almost completely done with my Christmas shopping. I'm kinda sad because I spent quite a bit of savings on gifts (but I have been trying to shop wisely and I am making a lot of gifts this year...just buying some supplies :)) but I would have spent it in December on gifts either way. This way, I have time to think about it and shop around. I'm pleased with my purchases. I just have a few more family gifts to get.

My car insurance payment just came. Bleh.

It's supposed to be in the lower 70's this weekend. That's exciting! I love the cooler weather. On monday I drove up Mt. lemon to see the leaves changing. It was so beautiful. In a couple weeks there will be even more color....but it was a start. It was a drizzly day up there and COLD. I loved it SO SO much!!! :)

I have a lot of letter-writing to do. I've gotten behind. Sorry if you are among those who haven't gotten replies...

I love you, Friends! And hope all is well. Midterms are over (or at least almost) so I'm sure that is a relief :). I miss you!!

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