Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Sorry I haven't updated in forever. Dial-up internet connections tend to decrease the likelihood of a post. Everything just takes way too long. But I have lots of news!! First of all...MY SISTER IS ENGAGED!!!! Jay came on monday with a CANOE that he BUILT (its beautiful). The ring is also beautiful. I helped pick it out :) Remember that weekend that piko had the surprise and we went to "hang out" in Grand Rapids. Well, i was really in Detroit with piko AND Jay...helping him find a ring for my sister. What a wonderful surprise!!!!! ack!!!!!!!

I had a wonderful bday. I got the iron and wine cd (yay!), swedish fish (yum), a book about hymns, a ring, money for my camera, a David Wilcox cd (from Jay!) and THE BABAR MOVIE (from kristen and luke). Yay! It was such a great bday.

I've worked a few days with my sister at the store. I'm just the gift wrapper but its nice to earn some extra cash. I'm all finished with my Christmas presents...except I have to wrap a few. I'm so excited! Kristen and I sorted all the gifts and pinched packages last night. it was fun :) I love Christmas. We're probably going to watch White Christmas tonight!!! Or sometime soon...woohoo!

It has been great getting together with old friends. I haven't seen tons of people but its been really nice...i didn't want to overload on everyone. Its better to see everyone here and there.

I need to clean my room today. It's a mess. My suitcase threw up all over the place, there's wrapping paper everywhere...sigh. :) I love my room. My bed is sooo comfortable. i love it!!

Anyway, I have to go. I would post pictures but once again, dial-up is too slow. It would take me the rest of my life. Congratulations to Kristen and Jay! I love them!!


Piko said...

I love Kristen and Jay, too! WHEEEEE!!!

Kristen said...

WHEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I LOVE US TOO!:-)
Piko, email me. Where are you?

Andrea said...

You love us? Aye yi yi. haha. Oh sister...

I love you!!!

captainplanet said...

yay for Kristen and Jay!

BTW's *here and there, not heAr and there :)