Friday, July 21, 2006


She's here! The drive from Phoenix yesterday was WONDERFUL. It was an amazing time of fellowship and catching up. I love Hallie!!

We stayed up until 1am (4 her time) talking, laughing, sharing memories, looking to the future. It was wonderful. Hallie woke up at 6:50am our time. I was still exhausted so I slept for a few more hours while she read. We stayed in our PJ's till noon talking some more...then I went to work. After work we (hallie and my family) went out for Mexican (YUM) then over to Kyle Baril's for a bit. We talked about Grand Canyon plans...looks like Monday!! up and back in ONE day. Woohoo for ten hours in the car! I'm really excited. I love road trips :)

Tomorrow we're going to Mexico...Nogales! i can't wait. I work tomorrow night, sat. night and sun. night. But the hugest blessing happened today! It is such a God thing....I have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off next week! Apparently people really needed money and requested all the shifts. Since I'm new, I get the left-overs. In this case, there were none! I am SO glad! I get to spend more time with HALLIE. God is so good. Sigh. What a blessing!

I am exhausted. She's asleep right now...poor thing crashed. The time change caught up with her. I can't believe she is here with me. Today at work I kept getting so excited whenever i realized I would see HALLIE after I got off work. It makes me smile a lot. It is such a gift to be reunited again! At the airport we both just about started stopped with watery eyes and shaky voices. Haha. It's so good to see each other again!!

Anyway. I am SO tired....shaky, actually. And we're leaving early tomorrow. Goodnight to all!!


Kristen said...

I love how you are so dramatic! Have a fun time together!!! Say hi to Hallie for us.

Sheri said...

Hey...I am so glad that you are able to kick it with Hallie. Friends are so precious...a tremendous gift from the Lord. I am praying for you my friend...'re considering Big Sky, huh? That's awesome...I can't wait to see what the Lord does.

I love you!!!

Anonymous said...

ANDREA! I didn't see this until just now! Right now you're at work and I miss you! My time here has been so amazing and it seems so natural that we should be living together it will feel unnatural for me to leave. Haha. I love you and you're simply the best.

P.S. I like how you spelled my name in caps every time. ;-)