Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I woke up this morning REALLY sad. I must have had a bad dream but I can't remember any....I did dream that they changed my shift at work on Sat from a night shift to a 9 hr all day shift. But that's not true and not reason enough for me to feel sad like this. It's SO weird. Huh.

I drive up to Phoenix tomorrow to PICK UP HALLIE FROM THE AIRPORT. Sigh. Oh so exciting. I can hardly wait. oh man oh man.

So I decided a summer hobby needs to be cooking! I bought this amazing Asian cuisine cookbook. It's a lot of fun. I even went to a couple asian markets yesterday to track down some ingredients. It was so fun! I was the only non-asian in both stores...except for one old couple at one of the stores. It was so neat. I loved looking at all the different things. Anyway. Allie and I made Sichuan Chicken for my family last night. It was super good. Then we made raspberry scones for dessert. YUM!! Cooking and baking is so much fun. I'm excited to do more!

Today I need to clean in preparation for my roommate's arrival!! woohoo.

PS Last night I read my old journal from last year. It's weird to see what I wrote during certain times--my first week, christmas break, first thoughts of transferring, friend issues, leaving...sigh. It's crazy...but really neat to look and see what God has done and how He is using those circumstances still (or similar ones) to teach me.


Kristen said...

I am glad we got a chance to talk today! I love you!!!! And I can't wait to spend time with you. Jay and I went to Target last night. All the sunglasses are getting bigger and bigger. UGLY! I tried them on while he picked out a watch.

Andrea said...

i KNOW they are SO huge. and so gross. they look like bug eyes. dumb. I want to go on a sister date!! :)