Monday, December 04, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Jay and Kristen's apartment is SO beautiful. And with all the Christmas decorations, its even more so. Yesterday we went out to a Christmas Tree farm with their friends Todd and Jen (and 2 yr. old Michaela). It was SO FUN. We rode out to the farms on this horse drawn (or tractor drawn...depending) wagon. They gave us a saw, and we just wondered through all these trees looking for the right one. I wanted to take home all of them...especially the Charlie Brown-ish looking ones. Afterwards, we got free hot chocolate and apple cider. It was amazing. We decorated the tree back at the apartment and it looks beautiful. Here are a couple pictures...

Chris and Kate are coming over for dinner tonight. I am very excited to see them. On Tuesday Kristen and I are running errands (IKEA!) and walking through Chestnut Hill, a really neat spot nearby with so many really beautiful, quaint shops. We're also going to make Christmas cookies!!! And sometime soon we're going to watch elf. I've never seen it...but I want to. Last night we were going to watch it but decided not to. Alen and Heather came over and we chatted and played a couplse rounds of Whonoo. It was fun.
Alright. I need to go. Have a marvelous day, all!

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Allie said...

The apartment is adorable. I love it!