Monday, February 27, 2006

The President's Ball

Just some fun pictures!!! :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Wonderful Song

This is one of my favorite Caedmon's Call songs...I have many :)
(Sorry, Jared, its the "ant" one :))

As I survey the ground for ants
Looking for a place to sit and read
I'm reminded of the streets of my hometown
How they're much like this concrete that's warm beneath my feet

And how I'm all wrapped up in my mother's face
With a touch of my father just up around the eyes
And the sound of my brother's laugh
But more wrapped up in what binds our ever distant lives

But if I must go
Things I trust will be better off without me
But I don't want to know
Life is better off a mystery

So keep'em coming these lines on the road
And keep me responsible be it a light or heavy load
And keep me guessing with these blessings in disguise
And I'll walk with grace my feet and faith my eyes

Hometown weather is on TV
I imagine the lives of the people living there
And I'm curious if they imagine me
Cause they just wanna leave; I wish that I could stay

And to visit places from my past
But only for an hour or so
Which is long enough to smell the air
To tell the tale and find the door

But I get turned around
I mistake some happiness for blessing
But I'm blessed as the poor
Still I judge success by how I'm dressing

So I'll sing a song of my hometown
I'll breathe the air and walk the streets
Maybe find a place to sit and read
And the ants are welcome company

And I'll walk with grace my feet and faith my eyes.
And I'll walk with grace my feet and faith my eyes.

Monday, February 20, 2006

More at Work Underneath

A few quotes from Shadow of the Almighty. I love this book so much...

"I have been thinking lately that life in the will of God is better in each phase that we enter, so I can say honestly today, 'This is the best year of my life." -Jim Elliot

"Too busy--cursed words, those. Father, forgive me for being so academic and material in my outlook, so much feeding of the mind and outer man, so little genuine concern for spiritual things." -Jim Elliot

"...We should love hard, and not casually; fervently, playfully, and simply, never heavily or slowly. Slovenly loving makes for wearisome living...If you ever love, Jane, love like a school girl with giggles and sighs, and keep love alive by consciously keeping wonder and surprise at the core of it. For many 'young-marrieds' get used to it after a year or two, because they think they have to. For me, I can't afford to with Betty. I've got to make it last and last. I have not found it hard, but I have found that love is not effortless. It needs control and direction." -Jim Elliot

"O God, I have tasted Thy goodness, and it has both satisfied me and made me thirsty for more. I am painfully conscious of my need for further grace. I am ashamed of my lack of desire. O God, the Triune God, I want to want Thee; I long to be filled with longing; I thirst to be made more thirsty still. Show me Thy glory, I pray Thee, that so I may know Thee indeed. Begin in mercy a new work of love within me. Say to my soul, 'Rise up, my love, my fair one and come away." Then give me grace to rise and follow Thee up from this misty lowland where I have wandered so long. Amen." -A.W. Tozer

And a bonus quote from Tozer. All the ideas and feelings expressed in these quotes have been coming up in life right now. They are all very relevant--not only for me. I observe my friends and see similar feelings in them (whether they really know it or not). This is an exciting and trying time of life for the nineteen year old :). It's also a very scary time. God is mightily at work. As I have mentioned before, He is the greatest distraction of my life. This doesn't mean I am not distracted by other things...I most certainly am. But He is a constant presence, prodding me. He gently (but firmly) leads me into all sorts of situations. He is opening so many doors in my future--exciting! He is also closing doors--frightening!

I guess these are just thinking times. I learn so much when Jesus makes me think...I also have a hard time sleeping and so I feel extra tired all the time. I would appreciate your prayers. Many of you are in my prayers, also. It's exciting to hear how Christ is moving in the lives of friends. He moves in such mysterious ways.

I love you all oh so much!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

A New Pump Song

"Extreme Ways" from the Bourne Identity/Supremacy movies. It's a great secret agent song. I love these movies....

I had a WONDERFUL weekend in Ft.Wayne at Josh and Jared's houses. I will post about it soon...AND I've got pictures :)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Bit of an Explanation

Here's the whole story on Moody. I thought you all should know :)

I wasn't ever considering the thought of transferring last semester. However, I was feeling more and more confused about what I want to study. I really want to do Bible translation eventually or some other related work overseas. For that reason I was going to major in classics here--to get a foundation in languages (latin/greek), etc. But I kept feeling like I didn't really want to study classics. Even if i did major in classics, I would have to get more schooling after Hillsdale before I could work with an agency overseas (these thoughts were developing over Christmas). I didn't tell anyone because I felt like I was still adjusting and feeling homesick. I didn't want those reasons to be why I decided to transfer.
So I came back this semester with the thought in the back of my mind but it was really getting to me. I started thinking about how much money I would save if I went to a school starting now that offered those classes I need and want to take. I can't afford to pay for Hillsdale AND go on to get more schooling after...I have a friend at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and so I got in contact with her. I knew it was (is) a really good school and sends a lot of people overseas. They have a fantastic linguistics program with Bible/Theology/Missions as the foundation. It's a really neat program and I get SO excited whenever I look at the classes or think about taking them.
I started prayed about it, talked with my parents, wrote to the friend there at Moody, and it all took shape. Things started falling in place and I got the application and have been trying to get it done and postmarked by the 1st of March. I've been so overwhelmed and stressed with the application, school, and then about a week or two ago I started telling my close friends here. That was really hard and everything was in an uproar for a few days and poor Hallie (my roommate and closest friend here!!) and I were talking and crying about it a lot. It is such a hard decision because I am realizing more and more that I am SO going to miss my friends here...part of me says no, don't go. Stay here with your friends and develop the relationships you've started. Study something else and save for graduate school. But the other part says no, go to Moody, there are wonderful opportunities and people there also. Even though I would have to transition all over again the academics will be a better fit (as far as doing what I want to, where my passion is, where my "future" is...). The hard thing is that I have no idea what God has planned. I might marry out of college and my husband might do something completely other than translation overseas. Maybe he'll be a pilot...maybe not. I don't know! The beauty of it all (and what I've been learning) is that God's will and His plans are so much bigger than mine. I seem to hold Him to ONE plan and if I don't find that one plan I am really going to mess things up. But He offers lots of possibilities within the realm of His sovereign purpose and direction. There is liberty to pick and choose. This is great but it is also really difficult :)
So, nothing is for sure until I get in. If I do, I am pretty sure that's what I would like to do. If not, i will probably stay. I'm not looking anywhere else right now. 1 out of every 4 students that applies gets there is competition. We'll see :). But I want everyone to know that I would never take back my experiences here. That's another thing...for a while I felt really upset like I had wasted time here and wasted others time here. If God really does want me to go that other route, why did he open all the doors to come here? Why did He have me make these friendships if it is going to be so painful to leave them? I realized soon after that it was absolutely NOT a waste. I have learned so much, experienced so much and met so many INCREDIBLE people. I love my friends so so so much. Sometimes the thought of leaving makes my heart hurt so bad. Especially when I'm with my friends. Sigh. I feel heavy and burdened but then I also feel excited by all the opportunities God is handing out to me. His ways are so beyond mine! His thoughts are so high above mine! Moments like these make me appreciate what God has given me. Can I just say that I love you, friends!--Hallie, Angie, Lauren, Donna, Hannah, Erin, Nancy, Brad, Chase, Josh, Jared, Mark and Isaac. And even though we have been busy and haven't been able to hang out much--PIKO!!! May I remind you all that you are super special to me...all in your own, unique way :) Also, let's treasure our time together!!

Allie gave me Psalm 37:23 and it has been of great comfort :) "The steps of man are established by the Lord; And He delights in His way." I love you, Allie! Thank you!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


So...I'm off to class soon and then I'm going to disappear for the rest of the day and STUDY! I have lots to do....but here are two stories for you. the first...Josh had to get his passport picture for his Europe trip and they gave him all the extras. Wanting to put them to good use, he made small signs for our door and hannah and donna's door--to ward off any unwanted visitors. Mostly boys...its funny. :) Second story...studying in Lane late the other night isaac came into our study room and drew a picture on the board for me and hallie. We left the building around 11:00 and forgot to erase it! Alas...funny for the next class. Study parties are fun. Too bad they can be distracting. sigh. I have to get to work. bye!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

For Those of You Who Don't Know...

...and for those who already do.

I'm seriously considering transferring next year to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. I'm applying right now (there's so much to do!) and am not sure when I will hear back. I am so excited. I'm looking at Linguistics as a major--with a lot of Bible, Theology and Missions classes under it. I get so excited when I think about taking those classes. They have so many amazing ones to offer!!
There are still a lot of decisions ahead. I would appreciate your prayers. There is also a lot of stuff to get done before deadlines, etc. I'm looking ahead to a really busy, stressful week with two tests and a paper and finishing the application essays...and I'm so exhausted. It's also a really hard decision because it will mean leaving the friends I've made here. The friends I love so much...
But the Lord Himself goes before me. :)
I love you guys!

Friday, February 10, 2006


Oh man....I love them so much.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Fun Weekend!

So....friday night was so much fun! A bunch of us played tennis soccer on the third floor of kresge. It was Me, Hallie, Jared and Josh against Mark, Brad, Nancy and Lauren. It was a blast and it felt so good to laugh really hard :) I got the most amazing battle wound (bruise) on my foot. You can't really see it that well in the picture...oh well. It's huge. And it hurts...but it makes for a great story and memory :)
After dinner tonight we went to Wal-mart. I bought the bourne identity (whoo!) and hallie and i bought tulips for our room! They're beautiful. Instead of studying Mark, Isaac, Josh, Hallie and I watch the Bourne Identity. I LOVE THAT MOVIE! I love both the movies...sigh. hopefully in the near future I will invest in the second one. Its at Wal-mart for $7.50. That's a good deal!! It's definitely calling my name...
Hope you all have a wonderful sunday tomorrow. Enjoy the pictures...I was having fun with the tulips and my new camera :) I dedicate those pictures to Sheri. :)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Lots of Hard Decisions...

"But as for me, my prayer is to you, O Lord. At an acceptable time, O God, in the abundance of your steadfast love answer me in your saving faithfulness." Psalm 69:13

Have a wonderful day in the Lord!!