Friday, December 30, 2005

The Simple Things

Yay for fun times with mom. We are home alone for a few days. Kristen and Jay are in Michigan visiting his family and dad and luke are canoing. It's fun to spend time alone with mom. Today we stayed at home but decided to go shopping around 3:00. We went to Old Navy and Borders and then went out to eat at PEI WEI (yum!). We came home and read together on the couch (each our own book). Then we talked a lot...and even cried a lot. It was really wonderful. I love my mom. It was nice to spend time remembering and looking to the future. I think there is just a lot of change happening or about to happen and it has got us both feeling sad and sentamental. We're excited about the change, too. But it is still sometimes hard. I'm still not ready to go back to school...mostly because I'm not ready to leave my family. And I'm not ready to leave all the wedding plans here and miss out on all of it off at school. I've been realizing how much I'm going to miss...most of the planning, the showers, the decorating...lots. Oh well. God has wonderful plans for me this semester. I feel at peace knowing He holds the future. That's the reason I can feel joy when I look to the future. I'm excited to see what God holds in store!

That's all...just a short update. I love my mom :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Sorry I haven't updated in forever. Dial-up internet connections tend to decrease the likelihood of a post. Everything just takes way too long. But I have lots of news!! First of all...MY SISTER IS ENGAGED!!!! Jay came on monday with a CANOE that he BUILT (its beautiful). The ring is also beautiful. I helped pick it out :) Remember that weekend that piko had the surprise and we went to "hang out" in Grand Rapids. Well, i was really in Detroit with piko AND Jay...helping him find a ring for my sister. What a wonderful surprise!!!!! ack!!!!!!!

I had a wonderful bday. I got the iron and wine cd (yay!), swedish fish (yum), a book about hymns, a ring, money for my camera, a David Wilcox cd (from Jay!) and THE BABAR MOVIE (from kristen and luke). Yay! It was such a great bday.

I've worked a few days with my sister at the store. I'm just the gift wrapper but its nice to earn some extra cash. I'm all finished with my Christmas presents...except I have to wrap a few. I'm so excited! Kristen and I sorted all the gifts and pinched packages last night. it was fun :) I love Christmas. We're probably going to watch White Christmas tonight!!! Or sometime soon...woohoo!

It has been great getting together with old friends. I haven't seen tons of people but its been really nice...i didn't want to overload on everyone. Its better to see everyone here and there.

I need to clean my room today. It's a mess. My suitcase threw up all over the place, there's wrapping paper everywhere...sigh. :) I love my room. My bed is sooo comfortable. i love it!!

Anyway, I have to go. I would post pictures but once again, dial-up is too slow. It would take me the rest of my life. Congratulations to Kristen and Jay! I love them!!

Monday, December 12, 2005


I have successfully completed semester ONE of my college career. sigh. what a relief. Let's go home :)

A few things to say first: It has been a good semester...even though i don't love it here yet i think i'm beginning to. For one thing, I am getting SOOOO excited about classes and professors next semester. Can't wait!
God has been so faithful this semester and taught me so much. I have so many WONDERFUL memories!!!! I have grown a lot...I like my new friends a lot. I love my roommate (what a huge blessing!). I am glad to go home, though. I miss my family and my home. Weird thing happened today...I got excited to go home and see Osita. sad. weird that i felt that. :( My family needs a dog.

I'm going to go clean and sleep and watch Love in the Afternoon with Audrey Hepburn. aaaahh. nothing to do...
- - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -
PS I turn 19 in 3 days. :)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

T.S. Eliot

"Where is the Life we have lost in living?
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?
The cycles of Heaven in twenty centuries
Bring us farther from God and nearer to the Dust."
-"The Rock"

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Fun in the Snow...Plus More!!!

Tonight we went sledding! Jared went home last night and brought back two sleds and all kinds of snow gear! So Hallie, Isaac, Mark, Jared, Lauren and I all went sledding down by the tennis courts. We were lucky enough to go where people had already gone the snow was packed. It was A BLAST! Lauren, Hallie and I all went together on a one-man sled. It was pretty exciting :). We had snowball fights and I even went down the hill standing up on the sled...going fast! was pretty amazing :). We did that for probably almost two hours. Then Jared disappeared and finally came back in the car with josh behind him in his car...with others also with him. Jared said, "Andrea, get in. You're taking the front seat." So i got in and he pulled my hat over my eyes...It was surprise birthday party!!! Because my real bday is thursday but I will be home (yay!)...but not with my they decided to celebrate with me early. We went to the Gathering in Jonesville. The group included: Jared, Hallie, Mark, Isaac, Lauren, Josh, Donna, and Hannah. Jared's mom even made me a cake! It was so wonderful. Special nights like these really make me appreciate special friends like mine :)...and Hallie and Jared are pretty darn good secret agents because i didn't suspect anything.
Enjoy the pictures! :) I love snow...and i love friends....and i love sleep. I need to go to bed now. Lots of studying to do tomorrow...lots of english to read. yikes. i go home in 3 days. wow. lots to do before that. Hurray for the end of our first semester, guys! God has been so good and so faithful! :)

I like my roommate...a lot.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Believe it or Not

...ok so maybe it isn't really that hard to believe...WE GOT ABOUT 9-11 INCHES OF SNOW LAST NIGHT. At least that's what it looks like to me. A bunch of us girls went to Oakley for dinner and it was so beautiful. I have never experienced such a hard snow! The flakes were soft but it was practically RAINING was coming down that hard!! I was pretty amazed. Nights like last night don't happen very often in AZ :). Then, later on, i was studying for my history final and I heard a "thwap!" on our window....followed by some smaller thuds. I opened the curtain and saw miss hannah stone all bundled up in snow gear throwing snow balls at people's windows! haha...our RA's were out with her too. It was cute. Later today donna, lauren, and I (and hopefully hallie) are going out to the intramural field to play in the snow...and build a snow forts and snowmen!! Woohoo! I am so excited. Oh! Then i am going to drink hot chocolate and watch Gilligan's island. Oh man, this is such a good day. Only two more finals left! wooo! Home is getting so much closer. I can't wait!

Hope you all are enjoying your winters! :) See ya!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

About to Dive In

So...finals start tomorrow! ack! I have history at 8am and latin at 1pm. I have SOO much studying to do for history. I've been slacking and so i have a lot of the reading to CATCH UP ON before I can even really start studying...oh man. And that is the final I really need to do best on because its my lowest grade. sigh. Latin shouldn't be too bad. He said it will be easier than our last exam as far as new information...because our last exam tested 8-9 chapters of new info and this will have 2 chapters on the new section. That's good...and i got a 93 on the last exam. woo! We'll see...
I week from YESTERDAY i go home. wow. i can't believe the semester is over! WOOHOO!

So...i really should go study. Hope you all are well and studying hard also! But don't forget to play, too! :) I love you guys...I'll be seeing most of you in about a week! yay!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Inspired By My Paper...

A quote that i love from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader...

“Then the lion said--but I don’t know if it spoke--You will have to let me undress you. I was afraid of his claws, I can tell you, but I was pretty nearly desparate now. So I just lay flat down on my back to let him do it. The first tear he made was so deep that I thought it had gone right into my heart. And when he began pulling the skin off, it hurt worse than anything I’ve ever felt. The only thing that made me able to bear it was just the pleasure of feeling the stuff peal off....Then he caught hold of me--I didn’t like that much for I was very tender underneath now that I’d no skin on--and threw me into the water. It smarted like anything but only for a moment....and after a bit the lion took me out and dressed new clothes...”

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Fun Weekend...Now Time to Work

Went with Piko to Grand Rapids this weekend to stay with his friends Dan and Lisa. It was lots of fun...they have a five month old baby girl who is ADORABLE. It was nice to get away from school. I didn't get much homework all. So now I really have to crack down. But it was worth it. The weekend was a blast. It was nice not to do any school work :)
I don't have time to post much but I'll give the gist of it all...

-good food (pancakes for breakfast!)
-shopping (the mall and circuit city so piko could buy a dvd...) oh! at the mall we went into a pet store...cute puppies. sad. piko needs a dog!!
-lunch at panera. YUM! They have the most wonderful bread!
-starbucks (to study and drink yummy coffee)
-hang out
-watched Top Gun (good movie!)
-left early sunday to drive back
-College Baptist for Church...King Buffet for lunch. yummo.

Homework time. Oh. good news. actually, super news. I GO HOME IN 10 days! I am so so so so excited.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Days Go By...

I am currently reading Augustine's Confessions. I really like it. Unfortunately, I am exhausted. It makes for a bad combination...especially since i need to write a paper on it by tuesday.

I am slowly being drained of all motivation. I just want to go home. I want to be with my family and with friends. I want to feel the safety and security of my house.

I'm praying that God will multiply hours of sleep and also hours to work in...There is so much to do this next week and a half and so so so little time. It's wonderful that we serve the God of the impossible.

I leave 2 weeks from today. How bizarre is it that my freshman year of college is half over? Time flies.

That'll be all. I need to drink tea or something and then read some more...and I'm watching LOST with some friends in 30 min. Despite what you might be thinking, study breaks ARE necessary every now and then. I encourage them. :)

Sunday, November 27, 2005


The road trip with Kristen and Jay was lots of fun. It was also wonderful to spend time with family and eat good food! I have lots of homework to finish the semester (only a week and a half!!)...i didn't really do anything over break. :)
Oh! We had a sauna and luke and Jay rolled in the snow! I was super impressed...crazy boys! Kristen got a picture. It's mainly of Luke but Jay's foot made it in :)

I like Jay a lot. I like Kristen a lot. I like the two of them together...a lot :)

The snow was beautiful! The UP was beautiful...i would love to live there. We went sledding at the old Hancock high school. yay! It was so much fun!! Here are pictures of the week.

Monday, November 21, 2005


I talked with Sarah on the phone tonight...not for long, we both had to go, but it was so wonderful. I love her so much and it was so nice to catch up with a bosom friend :)

Kristen should be here within an hour! yay!


Easy Mac

So...I'm sitting here eating easy mac and getting more and MORE excited about thanksgiving. Kristen will be arriving in approximately 6 hours and i will be seeing the rest of my family in 20+. ACK! I am SOOOO excited. I could pee my pants.

Oh! And I'm listening to Christmas music...which makes me excited about Christmas...and family and Jesus and stockings and Sheri visiting. sigh. And ARIZONA! weird that i really do miss Arizona a lot...I kind of like it :)

Today after my insane schedule of classes and a make up test, I went to the library to get books for our road trip. We have 12 hours and aside from the "family tradition" (Jay's big surprise!), we're going to read out loud. I got the Best Christmas Pageant Ever and The Westing Game. It's going to be an amazing trip :)

I have to go...I have a few more things to do before I can let myself slip completely into thanksgiving break mode.

Hope you all have a fantastic thanksgiving! Don't forget to be THANKFUL!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Just Some Thoughts...

I'd like to share two of my favorite poems, both by Gerard Manley Hopkins. I hadn't known much at all about him until I took creative writing junior year. My teacher, Mrs. Monroe, told me that I write poems like him. I didn't really know what that meant, or what a compliment it was, until I had researched a little bit of his writing. I love him!...but I'm not sure I write like him...I'd like to. hmmmm perhaps if i took up writing poetry again. It's a thought. I would like to...

I love his imagery...I think its absolutely astounding. As I experience the changing of the seasons for the first time (basically), I am constantly aware of the intensity of creation and its extravagant beauty. It has made me think of these two poems quite a lot. So I have decided to share. Enjoy!

"The world is charged with the grandeur of God.
It will flame out, like shining from shook foil;
It gathers to a greatness, like the ooze of oil
Crushed. Why do men then now not reck his rod?
Generations have trod, have trod, have trod;
And all is seare with trade; bleared, smeared with toil;
And wears man's smudge and share's man's smell: the soil
Is bare now, nor can foot feel, being shod.

And for all this, nature is never spent;
There lives the dearest freshness deep down things;
And though the last lights off the black West went
Oh,morning, at the brown brink eastward, springs--
Because the Holy Ghost over the bent
World broods with warm breast and with ah! bright wings."
- - - - - - -
"Glory be to God for dappled things--
For skies of couple-colour as a brinded cow;
For rose-moles in all stipple upon trout that swim;
Fresh-firecoal chestnut-falls; finches' wings;
Landscape plotted and pieced-fold, fallow, and plough;
And all trades, their gear and tackle and trim.

All things counter, original, spare, strange;
Whatever is fickle, freckled (who knows how?)
With swift, slow; sweet, sour; adazzle, dim;
He fathers-forth whose beauty is past change:
Praise him."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I wish Hillsdale offered creative writing classes...and poetry classes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I am getting a new job. Hillsdale Natural Grocery. I'm very excited :) Will probably start training the 2nd week in december. I'm excited for a job off campus and for the opportunity to be around people not related to Hillsdale. I'm nervous, though. For some reason I really hate this new job thing...I'm bad at it. Please pray for calm nerves...I want to let my excitement take over. There are so many opportunities in store! So many ways God can use me and change me.

After reading a book in the Aenead I think its time for bed. Yay for the day when I will be able to read virgil in latin!! I did a pretty good job of getting things done in advance I won't have as much to do over thanksgiving. I'm trying to get it down to just a paper. And not even a very big one at that...a history paper that only really requires a tad bit of reading. woo! Luke emailed me today and said he was looking forward to spending time with his hermana. It made me happy. And I talked with Kristen tonight about the amazing 12 hr road trip....Oh sister!

Oh! And my dad rode in the tour today. His time was BETTER than last year...he's always improving! He's awesome. I'm his biggest fan.

Well...I'm out. Tomorrow is the Lord's Day and I'm so excited! Fellowship, worship, rest, and the Word...and good food in saga.

Friday, November 18, 2005

The Harry Potter Premiere

So...tonight was SO much fun! Josh, Isaac, Jared, Hallie, and I went all around campus taking pictures at some favorite spots...and some random was a blast!!! :) And then we came back to Olds and played euchre (sp?). Jared and I made an awesome team--even though we lost...I'm still learning! (But i think i like spades better...) Yay for fun times with friends! :)

Now they are all watching the Village somewhere...who knows. Maybe Galloway, maybe Kresge. I didn't feel up to it. I'm going to take a shower and go to bed. Maybe I'll read a little bit! I talked with my mom for a long time on the phone tonight. It was really good. She was able to help me sort my thoughts and encourage me with a bunch of different things. I love my family.

God has blessed me so much this semester. He is teaching me tons. It's super frustrating at times...and even really really hard. But it's worth it because as He first seeks to further proclaim His glory, He also desires my satisfaction in Him. It's something I'm learning that is so exciting!...I'm off to the showers.

I see my family in 4 days!! woohoo! Oh...and my dad is going to WIN the tour de tucson tomorrow...I'm pretty much his biggest fan :) Cheer him on!

Enjoy the pics of tonight...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Rain On My Window!!!

Oh today is sooo beautiful! It has been raining all day. A soft, drizzly rain that is now turning into hard rain. It is cold and crisp and fresh and new. It makes me want to dance :)...but not just any kind of dance. The kind of dancing that Kristen and I did when we were little playing with dress up clothes. Dancing in a dress that twirls when you spin--that kind of dancing. So all of this made me think of Derek Webb's song about his grandma who loved to dance...and I decided to post the lyrics. It is such a beautiful song. I love it!! :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
My name is Mary and I'm from Greenville, Mississippi
But this is where I live here in this old folks' dormitory
Every Sunday night Sarah comes to see us
And she plays that old upright
But Sarah always seems to leave us

When she plays something comes over me
Goes from my head all the way to my feet

And I wanna dance
I wanna snap my fingers all night long and dance
I wanna move around the room just like a woman in a trance
All night, I wanna dance
I wanna wrap my arms around your neck and dance
I wanna listen to the music that's been ringing in my ears
And one day I’m gonna dance my way right outta here

I had three girls and a boy but now one's gone up to Heaven
She's with her papa now 'cause he left for lack of penicillin
The older that I get I figure everyone is dying
They're all dying for a change
I know I'm dying for some action

But days like these Sunday seems so far away
So until then I'm gonna sit right here and here I’ll stay

I wanna dance
I wanna snap my fingers all night long and dance
I wanna move around the room just like a woman in a trance
All night, I wanna dance
I wanna wrap my arms around your neck and dance
I wanna listen to the music that's been ringing in my ears
And one day I’m gonna dance my way right outta here

I'd marry you, if you could dance, that's what I said
Cuz where I'm going they'll be dancing everyday
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So...In other news. I got a 92 on my huge latin exam the other day. That was a blessing! I studied for a long time for it too. I'm glad to see it pay off. However, I didn't do as well on my english exam last friday. oops. I'm not too distraught over it, though. alas. There's more to worry about than my crazy english test grade...and I now am reminded that i need to work a little harder next time (i slacked in english for a while...). At least i learned :)
Kristen and Jay arrive monday. Woohoo! I can't even explain how excited I am to spend 12 hrs in the car with them (and with Piko...if he comes!)! I get super giddy when I think about seeing my family next week :) My brother said he would give me a HUGE hug :) Aaaah! So exciting!!!!
I should go do homework now. I have quite a lot of english and history reading. It's a bummer because I get sleepy when I read. I've been taking naps a lot again. One sunday, yesterday and one today...i am a big fan of the nap :)
I'll talk to you all later!

P.S. Even thought I feel like the process of making friends is slow (and it is), I am really grateful for the girls I am getting to know. They're wonderful...God is blessing me with fun times and neat relationships. The opportunities are pretty much endless...which means the opportunities to serve Him and exemplify Him are endless also. It's a neat place to be. Please pray that I will take advantage of these opportunities and be stretched.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Thoughts On A Cold November Night

The Derek Webb concert was amazing. I bought Sandra McCracken's first album. love it! As well as a 2 song cd with songs from her upcoming hymns album...coming out in December. They both have december albums coming out. I can't wait. They sound really great.

So much is going on in my life and I feel like I should be discouraged but God has just been so good. His sovereign hand is so evidently showing itself to be full of grace toward me. It seems like everything around me is either falling apart or just moving really fast and I am forced to realize how not in control I am...its been good. I've been forced to think about A LOT of difference issues, etc. It's amazing how one thing will come up and I will start wrestling with it and wondering and pursuing and learning and all of a sudden everything around me starts pointing in that same direction. It's crazy how God does that. It's so cool. :)

Anyway. I am really at peace tonight. I would say that I feel really joyful except that I don't like the word feel...its far too shallow and cheap. I am experiencing the richness of God's love and the peace of His sovereign control. Let's put it that way...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My Brother and Sister are the Coolest EVER!!!!

Yesterday they went on a secret mission to retrieve an old desk that had been dumped in the desert. They're going to fis it up :)

Monday, November 07, 2005


I am SO excited for this friday!!!

I wish Kristen could be coming with!!! It reminds me of last December..... :) fun sister times!!!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

O Love That Will Not Let Me Go

text: George Matheson
music: Chris Miner

1. O Love that will not let me go,
I rest my weary soul in thee;
I give thee back the life I owe,
That in thine ocean depths its flow
May richer fuller be.

2. O Light, that follow’st all my way,
I yeild my flick’ring torch to thee;
My heart restores its borrowed ray,
That in thy sunshine’s blaze its day,
May brighter, fairer be.

3. O Joy, that seekest me through pain,
I cannot close my heart to thee;
I trace the rainbow through the rain,
And feel the promise is not vain,
That morn shall tearless be.

4. O Cross, that liftest up my head,
I dare not ask to fly from thee;
I lay in dust life’s glory dead,
And from the ground there blossoms red,
Life that shall endless be.

This is on Indelible Grace's self titled album. I like all of their songs but I am currently very much enjoying this one. I've been thinking a lot about the sovereignty of God...I am being continually brought back to the magnitude of who Christ is and what that means even just in daily life--how it does or should affect the way I live, etc.
I love the title and opening line: O Love that will not let me go. It's so beautiful and full of hope. I've been feeling really exhausted and incapable of a lot of things lately...being reminded of His love that will not let me go is wonderfully reassuring and incredibly renewing.
I have to go write a paper. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. 17 days until thanksgiving break! I am SOOOO excited. I can't wait to give and get hugs! hehee.

PS hymns are so rich

Friday, November 04, 2005

Fall is SO Beautiful!!

I love walking up the hill through the blanket of orange and yellow leaves. In the early morning when I walk to breakfast and crunch through the leaves I smell that musty, earthy, autumn smell. aahh. It is so amazing. And in the later afternoon the light filters through the trees and the ground is illuminated! It's absolutely astounding! Here are a few pictures...though they don't quite do it justice :)
(hallie took the pictures...she had a "picture time" yesterday. She's super cute :))
PS a few of the bottom ones remind me of what Narnia must be like :) Lovely, magical, mysterious, beautiful...