Monday, July 02, 2007

Greetings from Africa

Just a quick update. I just finished a week of class on discipleship. This coming week is going to be taught by a YWAM couple. The topic is "The Father Heart of God." I'm excited--I've heard its one of the best weeks. It will be followed by a week on the Holy Spirit (this is going to be an interesting week, I'm sure. good, but different :)).
On wednesday for the 4th we are making pizza!! woohoo. We're all very excited (even the Swazi's...they want to know what its all about!)

I have been excited about the food--we eat lots of fruit. We have bananas galore, apples, oranges, PINEAPPLE (fresh all the time!!), and HUGE avocados (almost the size of cantelope!). MmmmMmmm. Gladness (our Tanzanian "house mom") makes the BEST beans. I am going to copy the recipe to make them at home! She also make an incredible tomato and onion salad called "Kachumbari" to go with them. Amazing.

OH! I've been given a Swazi name! Hlengiwe gave me my name. It is Thandeka ("tan-dega") and means "lovely." Haha. I love it.

Today we got the morning off from class so we all came into town. It's nice to get out and see people!

Hmmm. What else. There's so much to share but so little time. I don't even know where to start. I've written out a lot of experiences in my journal but it takes time and money to type them up here. Someday I'll try to transfer a few stories...i have a few really incredible ones from our time at the hospital last week.

Church is great. We've been going to one about 30 minuts away in a village called Moshane. It's Hlengiwe's Church. It's call "Moshane Hope House." It's so neat. I LOVE the worship...lots of Swazi songs...and the pastors (there are three) are all SO encouraging ans very hospitable. Two of them are young (late 20's, early 30's) and are from Zimbabwe. They are really funny and call me "woman of God" or "sister of God." haha. We take the "Combie" (public transport) out to the village...i love riding in these things! 15 passenger mini-buses with 19-20 crammed in. During times like that I feel most like I'm in Africa! I love it...its usually hot and sweaty but ALWAYS an adventure!
I have to go!
Love to you all!! Thank you for encouraging me and praying for me!!