Friday, October 29, 2004

Hot Coffee on a Crisp Evening

Tonight I played with Allie. Woohoo! We went to the mall...first to Old Navy to exchange one of her shirts, and then to Gap and other random stores. I didn't find anything until....Borders! (books, books, books!) I found both of the books I wanted to get for Iain Monroe ( I can't tell what two they are) and they were cheap! I was so excited. So, instead of only being able to afford one, I got two! yay! I am so very excited about this gift. They are two of my favorite childhood books...sigh.

Anyhow, getting to the title of this blog. Allie and I went to starbucks afterwards and both ordered something hot! Because........that's right, it's finally getting cold! Oh, so wonderful. It was a marvelous evening. Thank you, Allie, you are such a wonderful person. I am most glad that we are friends! :)
(Oh, and tomorrow I am going on a road trip to Phoenix! woohoo!)
That's all...In case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Flip Side

It's beginning to look a lot like fall!!

Isn't this weather beautiful? Sigh...I love Arizona rainstorms. If there is anything that can even partially redeem the hot, dry, summers, its the amazing rains! And the smell after it rains....

I wish we had a fireplace. I would curl up in front of it with a book and a cup of tea and I would be so very content.

I love winter! I love tea and sweaters and hot chocolate and Christmas music and rain and snow and gloves and rosy cheeks...Oh how I love winter!
That's all I have to say...merry fall and winter!

Andrea Childs

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Lead of Love

Looking back at the road so far
The journey's left its share of scars
Mostly from leaving the narrow and straight
Looking back it is clear to me
That a man is more than the sum of his deeds
And how you make good of this mess I've made
Is a profound mystery
Looking back you know
You had to bring me through
All that I was so afraid of
Though I questioned the sky now I see why
Had to walk the rocks to see the mountain view
Looking back I see the lead of love
Looking back I can finally see
How failures bring humility
(I'd rather have wisdom and pain)
Brings me to my knees
(Than be a comfortable old fool)
Helps me see my need for thee
(repeat chorus)

**James 1:2-4**

"Honor all people, love the brotherhood, fear God, honor the king."
1 Peter 2:17

Friday, October 22, 2004

Charlie Brown

I just watched a Charlie Brown Christmas...I love that movie so very much. I can't wait for Christmas and all that comes with it! cider, a fire in the fire place, candles, christmas music, stockings, all of us kids sleeping together on Christmas Eve, reading the Christmas story on Christmas morning, prune tarts, almond balls, snow, scarves...sigh. It is so wonderful.

Saturday, October 09, 2004



"...after afflictions, to inquire, what I am the better for them, what good I have got by them, and what I might have got by them."

"...never to lose one moment of time, but to improve it in the most profitable way I possibly can."

" examine carefully, and constantly, what that one thing in me is, which causes me in the least to doubt of the love of God; and to direct all my forces against it."

Jonathan Edwards