Saturday, May 28, 2005

I am graduated! I can't believe it....acck. I'm done with high school! It hasn't officially hit me yet. I think once I get back from senior trip it will and then again (big time) when I leave. I got all kinds of "college things" for graduation from my family...its so weird. But it was such a fun night...all full of excitement. Here are a few pictures...some of the party at Kyle's after also. yay!

Yay! Me and Luker...
Hannah, Kyle, and I
Me and Allie!
Allie and Hannah dancing...
Me and Megan!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Last Night As Seniors was awesome. I had graduation rehersal from 1-3:15 (ish) and then allie, hannah, and I all went over to eat and hang out until Megan's. We went over to Megan's at six to watch Rob and Amber's wedding (from the Amazing Race). It was cute...despite the weird preacher guy, uugh. Then we went over to Allie's to watch the season finale of Alias (rather disappointing). It has gotten super wierd...I have no idea where they're going with things or how they will do things next season. Hopefully it will get better....?! It was good, just not very good. :)
After that (mark came over), we drove over to Kyle's and played the trunk game...stick someone in the trunk of Hannah's car, drive around to some place and make them guess the location. Allie and I went in it together (see picture below) and ended up at the Lovrien's. It was amazing but super scary. Then Kyle and Mark each did it a few times...It was a blast.
We went back to allie's to drop her off and then to kyle's. Hannah went home from there and I hung out with Mark and Kyle for a little bit while they played video games...:) Then they took me home.
It was such a fantastic night! A real blast! :) I must last night as a senior was wonderful. I'm glad I got to spend it with good friends!

TODAY I graduate!!! AAACKK....

I love you hannah and're the coolest :)
Just hangin' out
Allie and I IN THE TRUNK....yikes
On the road...crazy!!!
Kyle coming out of the trunk....a little confused

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sister Fun

Kristen and I had a night of sister fun last night! We went to Bookmans, summit hut (woot woot), the mall, the Gaslight (yay!), and target. Talk about F-U-N! I bought Billy Bragg and Wilco's Mermaid Avenue and I LOVE it. It is so, so good!
I love sister fun...sigh. There won't be too many more nights like that one before we both have to leave...sad. :(

Graduation tomorrow! I can't believe it....acck.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Nearing the End...

Baccalaurreate was yesterday! It was SO fun! Mr. Nielson's charge was "Don't be a Putz." With an acronym (sp?) for Putz...Graduation is coming soon...crazy!

Senior trip is a week from today! yahoo!!!..

Friday, May 20, 2005


Can I just say that Alias this past week was amazing?!...Alias this past week was amazing!!! It was like the old ones--so good! Yay for Irina...

Today was my last day of high school...AAAAH!! It's crazy. I have one final next week (math...blah) and that's all. Graduation on Thursday, yahoo!! I can't believe I'm done. I don't think the realization of it all has fully kicked in...My emotions about it fluctuate a lot. Weird.

I love you all!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Writing, writing, writing...

I'm trying to write my english paper...ugh! I really don't want to. I just want to sleep...sigh. I even slept almost 12 hours last night. I am so tired all the time! Wierd...
I suppose I should get back to that paper (blah!).

(A month ago today I was leaving with Advanced Bio. for California!!...woohoo)

Friday, May 13, 2005


I am up late doing homework....and craving everything. I want olive garden breadsticks, red robin chicken fingers and french fries (YUM!). I want eegees french fries, chips and salsa from On the Border. Uuuh, I want Rex's Revenge from Beyond Bread. I am super hungry! Wow...i really get hungry when i'm up late. Wierd.
Anyhow...It's 1:30 and I'm about done so I think i'll be heading in the direction of my bed soon. Aaah, that sounds wonderful! :)

Oh, P.S. I love Shawn McDonald

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


So, now that I am officially off of my media fast I can tell you all about the wonderful adventure that Hannah and I had Wednesday night. It was SO FUN!!!
Ok. Since we couldn't watch Alias, Hannah and I decided to pull an "alias" prank on Mr. Dalton. We couldn't come up with anything super clever but we came up with something. We made him a plate of brownies and dressed all up in black to deliver them. We wanted to call, say "joey's pizza" and hang up, have a note on the door that he would find when we knocked, and then run away. The note on the door would be a clue that would lead to another, which would lead to another, which would eventually lead to the brownies (hiding somewhere in his yard). However, the brownies took longer than we had planned and it was getting late fast. We decided to call, say "joey's pizza, hang up, ring the door bell and be standing on the porch with the brownies.
When we got there, we were super excited and nervous. Hannah handed me her cell phone so I could call. Two people (a guy and girl) both picked up at the same time and said hello. It didn't sound like Mr. Dalton so I hung up. We walked to the door and saw a sign that said, "don't ring door bell, child may be sleeping." So, we knocked...and knocked...and knocked. We could hear them talking but no one would come. So we continued to knock and finally, when we both knocked loudly, Mr. Dalton answered. He was super surprised and very excited. We told him about our plan to call and it turns out I HAD called the right house...ugh! Oh well. We stayed a little while and talked with both him and Mrs. Dalton. They are lots of fun. It was a BLAST.
Though we weren't able to do something HUGE, it was still amazing--definitely an adventure we won't forget. I documented most of the night on my camera and posted a few pictures below. I love hannah so much and I love Alias. What a wonderful combination for a crazy, secret agent adventure!
(Yay for wearing black!!!)

Our humble gift to Mr. Dalton. BROWNIES!!
Yes, Hannah is driving while I'm taking the picture.
On the way to Mr. Dalton's...
Secret Agent style is right!!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

crazy dad!
He cracks me up...

Monday, May 02, 2005

Popsicles and Expos...

So I am skimming through the new issue of the Christian Counter Culture newsletter. I don't have much time to read it right now...I am supposed to be working on putting together my final expo presentation tomorrow. However, I am currently looking for distractions! The first was eating a popsicle........mmm....I got my mom to buy some! There's even a joke on these ones....
Q: What were the two talkative computers doing?
A: They were having a disc-cussion
DUMB!...I could do better.
Anyhow, my second distraction was looking through all my friends' blogs hoping to find updated posts...sigh, not too many I'm afraid. So my third, and final distraction, I'm afraid, is posting on my own blog while looking through the new issue on the Christian Counter Culture site. Next month is about the Gospel. I am really very excited about it...

Mark turned to me in Christian Living today and said, "In about three and a half months we'll be in michigan." How weird is that?! I can't believe that in three and a half months all of us will be gone...and spread out all over the place. It's exciting but so weird. I already miss my family. :(

AND NOW...! A tribute to my sister...Today she is 23, woohoo! She feels rather discouraged because she isn't married yet. But I am holding out for a guy to come along this summer in oregon (keep your fingers crossed)! I love you Kristen and don't worry, he just needs to look harder! Perhaps I'll look harder too... :) Anyway, have a fantastic day and be excited that God has given you another year! I LOVE you!

I think that's everything. I really must go work on my power point (ugh). I'm ready to be done with this project!!