Sunday, October 30, 2005

Derek Webb

Derek Webb has a new album releasing Dec 26th!!! I can't wait! It's called Mockingbird...if you want to hear song clips go to grassroots. It sounds more like his new one than his old one...which is kind of a bummer, but it still sounds great. I can't wait! woohoo! And I'm going to his concert in two weeks!

I'll post about fall break asap. There's a lot to tell. It was wonderful...but i didn't really do any homework! yikes :(

Oh well, that's what breaks are for......right?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Missing My Home

All this talk about going home to see family this weekend makes me sad. Don't get me wrong, I'm SUPER excited to go home with Hallie and meet her friends, spend time with her family, eat real food, etc. But all the excitement makes me miss MY family. A LOT.
I got an email from my grandma this morning. She's going to put together a goodie box for me to bring back with me after thanksgiving! So then I started thinking about thanksgiving...and all my wonderful family! I miss them TONS. It's going to be so fun...just listen to all the people who will be there: Kristen, Luke, Mom, Dad, Jay (more time with Jay. yay!), Piko (we're still working on him...but it's pretty much a given. we've decided, even if he hasn't), uncle matt, and papa and grandma! woohoo! Yummy food, yummy cookies, wonderful people. God is so good!
Now I have to buckle down and focus so i can get there...must study lots. Alright, I'm off to meet with professor Sundahl about paper topic ideas. Man, oh man! I don't know what to write about!!

Perhaps I'll update this weekend from Hallie's. If not, I'll be back sunday or monday to update and load PICTURES! I love pictures.

PS My brother is pretty much the worlds coolest kayaker...yep

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Fun Times

Allie's visit was SO much fun!! She got in Thursday night and hung out while Hallie and I were in class on Friday morning. I thought about skipping math to hang out with her but ultimately decided against the idea (actually...piko gave me a speech about how it is my duty to go to class, even when i don't want to. so i went. bummer). alas. We left for Jackson around 1 on friday afternoon. By "we" I mean Allie, Hallie, and I. We went to the parlour for ice cream (YUM) and then went to target to shop. WOOHOO! Lots of fun :)
We got back to Hillsdale around 6:15 and ran into Kroger to buy groceries for dinner. We picked Donna and Emily up and then went straight over to Piko's to cook. It was SO fun...and SO good!! We had quesadillas (crispy because we used his oven!), chips and salsa, with beans, avocado, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, and grapes for desert. Oh my goodness! I ate SOOO much!! We also watched center stage. good movie. A special thanks to Piko for letting us use his apartment and awesome kitchen (and we didn't burn it down!)
When we got back to campus we decided to stop by Galloway so the guys (isaac and mark) could spend more time with Allie. We ended up watching Raising Arizona in downstairs Kresge (in my history room...hehe). The group included: mark, isaac, brad, jared, chase, erin, allie, hallie, and myself (and occasionally andy). It was a very interesting and bizarre movie. But sometimes funny...mostly it was fun to hang out with people. And people don't know very well still. After the movie was over we started walking back to Galloway...but saw leaves and decided they would be fun to play in :) so we played with leaves. It was amazing.
We didn't end up going to bed until around 3:00! ack! And we had to get up the next morning for our super cool shopping adventure. Allie, Donna, and I drove to Lansing to visit a few malls. It took longer than it should have. we got lost a few times. oops. it was really fun. we always managed to fin the right road...mostly by accident. We found lots of great Gap, Old Navy, etc. AND!! I had a kristen moment...I ran into an old family friend! Her AND her daughter...they're from the UP and used to go to the same church as us up there. I was good friends with their youngest daughter and kristen was good friends with their oldest daughter. It worked out nicely. It was so weird to see them there. but cool!!
On the way back to Hillsdale we made a few detours. some on purpose some on accident. hehe. We wanted to stop a few times to take pictures of the BEAUTIFUL trees! oohhh. so pretty!
Once we got back we just hung out and talked...and played apples to apples and "I have never..." and even our own version, "I have..." Basically this weekend was a blast. And now I have to do tons of homework. this always happens...bummer.
Enjoy the pictures!

PS I'm really missing my family today. a whole lot. probably the most yet. sigh.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pumpkin Carving

So today Hallie, Isaac, Jared, Chase, Andy, and I went to the Arb to carve pumpkins. It was Jared's idea and he bought the pumpkins. Chase brought crazy patterns...they are so hard core about their pumpkin carving. I always just did a triangle for the eyes, the nose, and then a smiley mouth with teeth showing. :) hehe. They did owls, faces, and andy did the headless horseman. crazy. Hallie and I were in charge of the de-gooing. my favorite part :)
It was a beautiful afternoon (but got a bit chilly in the shade). The trees in the Arb are all different colors...and the leaves are falling! There was this crazy muskrat or something in the pond that kept swimming across with grass in its mouth. All we saw was a moving tuft of grass. Pretty confusing at first...quite the sight.
It was a wonderful afternoon. But now I really must study. LOST comes on in two hours and I have 40 latin vocab words to learn by friday and a whole bunch of english reading. sigh.
YAY for Autumn. It is SO BEAUTIFUL! But i'm discovering already that as much as i like cold weather, I'm going to need more warm clothes. :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My Silly Mom....and special news!!

I got this email today from my mom...with pictures of porcupine babies. Aren't they CUTE?!?! I think so. OH!...and the special news is this: we now have an answering machine that accepts long distance phone calls!! WOOHOOO! PLEASE CALL!

Monday, October 17, 2005


Oh man, oh man! I want my mom's wonderful cooking!

Things I miss most:
-real mashed potatoes (the ranch kind)
-my mom's beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-fajitas/tacos and la mesa tortillas (don't forget the guacamole and fresh salsa!)
-my mom's seasoned, baked chicken
-corn on the cob
-my mom's lasagna
-my mom's gourmet WONDERFUL pizza! (the best in the whole wide world)
-stir fry and rice
-my mom's "special" gourmet, broiled sandwiches with slices of avocado and tomato. YUM
-mom's fresh caesar salad with grilled chicken...or even just her regular salad that is so so good
-HER FRESH BREAD!...and cookies, and occasional pies, and any and all other baked goods

The list pretty much goes on forever. Now that I'm hungry and depressed I think i'll go finish my latin.

PS This crazy reading program I am doing made my eyes burn today! they're still super sore...exercising the eyes is more painful than it sounds (the visual span and visual swing really take it out of me. phew)...all that to say i can't focus on my homework because my eyes are burning! I suppose looking at the computer screen won't help...hmmm. sleep sounds good. soon!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

My Roommate is the Coolest

The other night Hallie and I decided it was time to take some pictures. So we decided to not do our homework and go down to the Arb. for 20-30 minutes to see the beautiful colors and find enough leaves to make a pile...Unfortunately, there weren't many leaves on the ground (and they were kind of wet). We ended up taking pictures of ourselves. teehee. It was so much fun!! I love her!

We've been having so many wonderful chats lately...a few yesterday and then another one today at the Gathering :). We walked into town to got to the bank and post office (both were closed...bummer). So we went to this AMAZING old bookstore. It reminded me SO MUCH of the one in Funny Face! When we walked in the cutest cat came up to us...he just has is cat in there and it walks all fun! I found these two beautiful old hymnals that I would LOVE to buy...but because they are so old (pretty much collector editions) they were 25-30 dollars. too bad I'm a poor college student who is spending way more than she should already...yikes. We went to the Gathering and did homework (aka talked) and had coffee. We decided to make it a weekly date. It is so much exercise is good. :)
The walk into town was so wonderful. The weather was not that cold but it was nippy because of the brisk breeze...we wore scarves :) I have pictures but for some reason they won't load. Sad. The leaves are turning more and more...and gusts of wind would blow them across the road making the most beautiful scratchy/crunchy sound (hard to explain). Sometimes I feel guilty that I should get to experience such beauty alone...away from friends and family back home who don't get to experience fall (Mom, Hannah, Sarah...). I wish you could all come visit!
This weekend is parents weekend. I have discovered a few things...First, the food is SO MUCH BETTER for parents weekend. Second, Larry Arnn loves to say "give us money"...Third, its so fun to see parents and siblings around. Fourth, it kind of sucks to be among the few without parents and siblings around...alas.
Jared was over tonight and after he fixed a few things on Hallie's computer we asked him to look at our answering machine. It still won't pick up for calls out of hillsdale. weird. Jared is good at fixing a lot of things...unfortunately he wasn't able to fix the machine. But it is ok, everyone! I am going to buy a new one...that works! Because Donna's (just down the hall) accepts them, therefore it isn't the building. My mom wants it just as bad as I she offered to buy it. I don't want her to but the poor college side of me says, "absolutely." Arg.
Allie has fall break next weekend and is coming to visit! Woohoo...So far I have quite a few things I want to do with her:
1. Jackson Parlous (yummo ice cream!!)
2. Cafe in Coldwater
3. The Gathering
4. Target (maybe?)
5. Outlet Malls! (we need warmer clothes!!)
6. Make dinner at Piko's appt. (real food!)
There will be more I'm sure...I haven't even mentioned some of these to you yet, Allie! hehe.
The weekend after Allie is here I am going home with Hallie for fall break! Yay! real food, real family, real home!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!
In other news...I have quite a bit of homework this week. But I am motivated to get it done on time and early so I can hang out with Allie and not be stressed or worried. I am going to start managing my time better...and reading my Bible more...and going to bed earlier. Please pray for me! I need lots of God's help!
I talked to my parents today for the first time in 10 days!! I miss them TONS. My dad just finished his biking of the grand canyon to our home...crazy! He has a fat lip because it got sunburned. And he said his butt hurts. Haha. I love him so much...he's the world's most amazing dad! I miss my family oh so much! Luke wouldn't talk to me long at all (punk!) but I talked to mom and dad for a while. God has blessed me with wonderful parents! tomorrow, I have to go to bed.
Oh, but P.S. I had a very encouraging talk with a friend tonight online about faith and what it means to be struggling spiritually and needing God a whole lot...among other things. It was a huge blessing...Hallie and I talk about these things, too. But other than that, there aren't very many "new" people I feel I can really talk to yet. I don't love it here yet. It's ok. I am realizing more and more that I am definitely still adjusting. I am thankful for so many things but it is sometimes easy to get discouraged or forget and think little of God's many blessing...please pray with me that I wouldn't. He is so evidently working in my life. It is exciting!
I love you all! Night!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yay for friends and sisters!!!...and PIKO!

We're back from the Piper conference. It was wonderful...and oh so much fun! Kristen and Jay left today :( Sad. I miss them a lot. It was such an amazing trip. I'm super exhausted right now so won't write much. Mostly I just wanted to get pictures up. If you want to know more details you can email me sometime and ask :).

I have a crazy busy week ahead of me...I'm a little behind on work. But this weekend was SO worth letting a few other things slide. Besides, I'll catch up.

PS Jay is super cool! I wish i had more time to get to know him before they leave...alas. We have another road trip in November for thanksgiving! (he's coming up with the fam to my grandparents house) yay!

PPS A special thanks to Piko who made the trip extra fun...because we were able to talk in secret about Kristen and Jay AND take secret pictures of them holding hands...woohoo!!