Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I want to climb a tree

with Phondie.

I miss africa.

listening to a bit of rich mullins. while the nations rage.

Why do the nations rage?
Why do they plot and scheme?
Their bullets can't stop the prayers we pray
In the name of the Prince of Peace
We walk in faith and remember long ago
How they killed Him and then how on the third day He arose
Well, things may look bad
And things may look grim
But all these things must pass except the things that are of Him

Where are the nails that pierced His hands?
Well the nails have turned to rust
But behold the Man
He is risen
And He reigns
In the hearts of the children
Rising up in His name
Where are the thorns that drew His blood?
Well, the thorns have turned to dust
But not so the love
He has given
No, it remains
In the hearts of the children
Who will love while the nations rage

The Lord in Heaven laughs
He knows what is to come
While all the chiefs of state plan their big attacks
Against His anointed One
The Church of God she will not bend her knees
To the gods of this world though they promise her peace
She stands her ground
Stands firm on the Rock
Watch their walls tumble down when she lives out His love

Where are the nails that pierced His hands?
Well the nails have turned to rust
But not so the Man
He is risen
And He reigns
In the hearts of the children
Rising up in His name
Where are the thorns that drew His blood?
Well, the thorns have turned to dust
But behold the love
He has given
It remains
In the hearts of the children
Who will love while the nations rage
While the nations rage

Well, where are the nails that pierced His hands?
Well the nails have turned to rust
But behold the Man
He is risen
And He reigns
In the hearts of the children
Rising up in His name
Where are the thorns that drew His blood?
Well, the thorns have turned to dust
But not so the love
He has given
Oh, it remains
In the hearts of the children
Who will love while the nations rage

Monday, April 28, 2008

China, the Congo, and our own little world

I have a few thoughts running through my mind. Ok, maybe that's not completely true--i have a lot of thoughts (too many sometimes) but just a few to share...

A ship with arms from China (into Africa) tried to dock in S.A. but was denied...it is now trying to go in through Mozambique. Be praying.

Aid into the Congo has been greatly decreased due to mutliple hindrances and increased fighting. Aid into Darfur has also been decreased due to unstable conditions (attacks, etc.).

I encourage you to research the connection between the conflicts in the DRC and coltan--a precious mineral substane used in the manufacturing of our computers and cell phones. Much of it is mined illegally and sold to Canada, U.S., etc. to fund rebel militia, etc., and fund civil war, civilian ransacking, raping of people, land, etc. It is an incredibly brutal story and an issue that we must face and address.

More later...these are just some things I am learning that I wanted to pass along, in the hopes that you will also further research, etc.

Friday, April 25, 2008

There's something about thunder storms...

that gets to me. I love them so much and it can't be explained. Man oh man. I love tonight. I can hear it...and smell the rain. sigh!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

struck by the terror of His holiness

it is awe.

walking on holy ground.



Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Every time I sit down to read this book, I am amazed. I feel like I am always reading it with new eyes.

I was thinking last night about how Christ's coming put an end to suffering. We throw that truth around but i don't think we really understand it. I, for one, struggle to. I think and talk a lot about the crisis of evil in the world and about the need for Justice.

Last night I read hebrews one and then was listening to "Sing to Jesus" by Fernando Ortega (wonderful song). And suddenly i realized...Christ's death put an end to suffering, yes, but it wasn't an "earthly" end. I think, though we might not admit, we live as if we believe His death to mean the end to our sufferings here. So we get frustrated, upset, even angry, when things are tough and can't be explained.

BUT (and i was so excited when I thought about this last night)...He put an end on it. He marked the finish...the sufferings of this world only have a short time to inflict pain and cause sorrow. Eternity with him will be the new beginning, the Shalom, that our souls long for. Suffering will expire for those who believe in the Lord. This is beautiful HOPE.

So when I read about Chad, Somalia, Tibet, Palestine, Sudan, Iraq, Congo, Burma, Nepal... I can find hope in the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ--the Savior. This world will not last. It will soon pass away... where is your hope for after?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sugar Intolerance

I went for a walk with Erin through Old Town today. We got free Cold Stone ice cream. Tuesday's are "buy one kid's scoop, get one free" and the register was funky so the guy just said "it's on us!" We were pleased. We walked in the 70 degree sunshiny goodness and sat at a patio table for a while and talked. It was glorious.

Yesterday on the way back from PCM Mariah and I had the BEST time discovering fun places...We went into the mexican produce shop again on a mission for mangos (neither of us had had any since Africa). We found them. 2 for 99 cents and they are SO GOOD. They were also selling cartons of strawberries for $1.50. Can I just say that I love spring?

Also, we found the most incredible little mexican bakery. The smell was incredible, everything looked incredible, and we walked out with about 5 different things all for $3!! Talk about amazing. The neighborhood is crazy. Hispanic, Indian, Middle-Eastern/Arabic, Korean. Seriously. There is a Seoul Pharmacy next to Paco's Taco (or something like that). You get the picture. It is so mixed. Ranchero music blaring for one minute and then three old men sitting on the corner laughing and speaking arabic. I love it. I love having pcm out there...i love all the people and places to discover.

In other news, I have a paper to write that i haven't started. I should probably go do that...
I'm awfully tired. I would love to just go to sleep right now...

I have a headache. I am starting to see patterns...they are related to coffee and/or sugar (more to sugar, though). I get them when I have sugar. I got one after the ice cream... Hmmm. I think I'm going to try to cut all extra sugar out of my diet for a week and see what happens.
I'm still on my herbal stuff for the parasites. So far so good, I'm feeling rather back to normal. But dad is going to buy the "stronger" stuff in mexico since you can buy it over the counter...here I'd have to pay for th doctor consultation/prescription, etc., and its not worth it, since we already know what it is and what we need.

Ok. That's all for now.
Hope you all are more motivated than I am to finish strong. I have to give myself a pep-talk all the time every day. haha. bad.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I just got back from babysitting. I really like the husband of the family. He's quiet and a little over-cautious/over-protective but he's a nice guy. He went to law school. We talked about it on the way home tonight (they give me a ride back to school!!). I was asking him questions about law school and he finally said "why, are you interested in law?" I said "No, not really. But I have thought about trying to learn more about international law, foreign policy, etc., since I want to work overseas and perhaps encorporate advocacy work into my life someday." That was just what he wanted to hear, i think, or at least it was a subject up his alley. So he went off and recommended a bunch of different resources to me. He encouraged me to read the Economist (he's going to give me some of their old issues). He told me about a few websites, some resources from the UN, different podcasts, etc. It was really nice! I am so glad to have a connection to someone who actually knows something about what I know virtually nothing of. He said "next time you can ask me some more questions if you think of them...and maybe I'll be more helpful because I can think about it a little more."


What a blessing!

I am grateful for the opportunities here in the city to learn about this stuff, too. FOR EXAMPLE (I am SOOOO excited about this)...
April 23 at Loyola:
"Kevin Sites dedicated one year of his life to visit every armed conflict in the world. He has traveled to over 20 countries committed to provide *a clear idea of the combatants, victims, causes, and costs of each of these struggles- and their global impact.*"
He's been to multiple conflicts in the middle east, asia, and africa. I am really interested in this!! it is FREE it is open to the PUBLIC...I AM GOING.

Alright. I think i am going to go for a walk.
goodnight to all!

Friday, April 18, 2008

When I read...

...I start thinking about a lot of things. Reading always provokes new thoughts, which is good. Sometimes i need a place to write them down and/or "get them out." So...that said, I have started a blog where I can write thoughts that are provoked from my readings...not a book review but just about anything. Click here for the link. Perhaps, as is my wish, you will be challenged or encouraged to read also! And we can think deeply together about some of the things that we might not usually think about...or want to think about...but need to think about.
Is this making sense? I hope so.

Oh. And I changed my blog template. Obviously. You like it?

It's 72 out and I just sat in the plaza to read a chapter in "The End of the Affair," by Graham Greene (fabulous book!). In 30 minutes I will be dressing up to attend a 4-course meal that Jordan is cooking for us downstairs. Delightful. She's an incredible cook...I can't wait.

Hopefully my stomach will enjoy it.

I'm going to go to the doctor on tuesday. Unless I really feel 100%. The supplements have helped, but I REALLY want to kill this thing for good. It's not fun.

Tomorrow night I babysit again for the family ont the 39th floor! I saw the other night that the mother has 7 Emmy awards on a shelf in their office. Crazy. Like I've said, a whole different life.

Talked with Dr. de Rosset the other day. She called me into her office to talk about my writing. She wanted to know what I am "going to do with myself" which, naturally, sparked conversation and a whole lot of things came up. I'll just say I was SO ENCOURAGED to talk with her, brainstorm with her, hear from her, receive insight and direction, etc. It was MUCH needed and I am pleased to have a confidant here at Moody--who knows my heart probably best of all my professors, knows my loves and passions, knows some of my dreams...and can help me find an outlet for all of these while I am here. I might be changing my major. It will be the last and final switch...it won't be possible after this unless I want to stay longer (which I don't).

So...I have a meeting Tuesday morning with the chair of the Bible department to talk about the possibility of forming an innerdisciplenary study program...Bible with an emphasis in theology or whatever else I want to take!! I will write up a plan, meet with him, and we'll decide something together. I am SO excited!!

I'm also getting super excited about this fall. for one, i haven't been in Chicago for a fall semester yet. for another, i have some exciting classes...just ignore the ones that might not be all that exciting :) Here they are:

Philosophy (with Dr. Rim!!!)
Lifetime Fitness
Old Testament Biblical Theology (with Schmutzer...de Rosset said I'll love him)
Pursuit of Knowledge and the Monstrous in the Novel (de Rosset!!)
Minor Prophets (with Hart)
Church History
Systematic Theology (thank goodness I got in with Finkbeiner...still. this will be interesting i think)

I'm thinking of taking Hermeneutics independent study this summer. We'll see.

De Rosset told me "in case you haven't figured it out yet, you have to intentionall plan our way through Moody. You have to find the right professors and the right classes..." I'd discovered that, yes, but it was good to hear it from her. Plus, she has an insiders perspective and can help me choose :) She told me to go into her office anytime!!

She also said "Andrea, you are in Chicago. You need to keep your artistic side alive. Go out into the city. Take advantage of the opportunities!"She's right. I need to be intentional about keeping that side of me alive that sometimes feels so suffocated here. Taking her literature classes will help. A lot.

I am so blessed to be in the city with all the opportunities. I will be getting out more :)
In early may there's a photography exhibit coming...pictures from Darfur. I am anxious to go. It's free. Again--an incredible opportunity.

I will continue to tutor our refugee family with Mariah this fall. We are excited. She wants to get out more to "practice" speaking english. It will be so much fun! Next Saturday we have a picnic/barbeque with all the ESL students and their tutors. can't wait!!

Alright. This is long. I have to go get ready for dinner. Hope you all are well! Finish the semester strong and stay focused (I'm speaking to myself big-time. Sometimes i think it will take a miracle!!)

love you guys!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

fighting the parasites

so...andrea has giardiasis...which is, for those of you who didn't know (like myself), a result of having had giardia and not killing it all the first time. I don't really know what's coming back, but something is...giardia, worms, malaria. They can "resurface" after some time, if the bug isn't killed off completely the first time, or it lies dormant in the system. Either way, I am having similar symptoms. Bleh. I didn't make the connection until yesterday. I just thought my body was being weird and I couldn't figure out why. But then two days ago the all-to-familiar bloaty, crampy, pressure in my stomach returned. And its aggrivated by certain foods. yuck. It's that gurgly, "something is alive in there" feeling. I hate it. I didn't sleep very well last night because of it. It's a gross kind of feeling.

Blessing of the day, though!!--I skipped class to go to Whole Foods for medicine (I found online there are several herbal supplements that can be taken to combat giardiasis and malaria) and came back to find class had been canceled anyway! yesss.

Still, I have lots of cuts in several of my classes. So. I am going to go take a bunch of stuff (they sound exciting: oregon grape, goldenseal, garlic...). I might skip my other two classes to read or clean or do other homework. The semester is winding down. For some reason, i don't really have anything to do for a little while. nice. It's supposed to be 70 today!

Oh, and I went slacklining last night. It was lots of fun. I've decided I am going to practice lots all summer with luke. yay!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


teach us to dwell in silence, O Lord, that we might hear your voice above the clutter of our own lives.

Monday, April 14, 2008

picture quality is baaad...but at least you can hear her!! :)

Thought for the day...

"Oh, be thou of a steadfast heart, and put thy trust in him." -Edward Caswall

during BroSis prayer this morning I was overwhelmed by this thought: He's the God of POSSIBILITIES. Think of it! Think of what that MEANS for our whole lives. gah!! It is so exciting.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


went with sarah, mariah, and some others to see Juno last night at the $3 theater. yay for cheap friday nights. it's one of those movies i say "i really liked it" but feel like I can't really say that. It was a good movie. honest. real. but hard. i cried. something about it was so beautiful but so tragic. I guess its just hard to explain.

I got a bad headache near the end of it... turned into a ridiculous migrain and I almost threw up. It was a really bad one. I've decided to watch foods I eat. Maybe try detoxing. Mariah said she used to get bad headaches in high school that they found were a lack of protein...solved simply by eating some eggs in the morning and yogurt at snacks.

I'm going to get a library card today. The simple things of life :) i'm super excited.

Tonight I babysit for the family on the 39th floor with a wall of windows looking out over the lake and a baby grand in the living room. I get nervous. It's such a different life.

hope you all are having a fabulous weekend :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sighing deep or gasping loud.

"Is it not, for all its sting, a wonderful way to live? To dream and want and pray, almost savagely, and then to commit and wait and see Him pile all dreams aside and replace them with that which we cannot dream, the realized will."
-Jim Elliot

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Drunk in this world

sometimes the world really is too full to talk about. Are you ever smacked with God's goodness? And then you are left feeling drunk happy? Ha. that's me. right now. and i have to write a paper. HOW CAN I WRITE A PAPER RIGHT NOW? I just want to go for a walk or a run or scream from the top of the dorm roof (our new thing...thanks to Garden State). Sigh. God is so good.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A chat with Brian McLaren

my head is sort of reeling these days. I have been thinking about so much... last week was DC and I am STILL processing that trip. This weekend was McLaren's Deep Shift seminar (Friday and Saturday). Lots to think about and wrestle through again. So, here I am. Sitting in my room TRYING to get homework done. I have a lot to do. But I am so exhausted and distracted. Sigh.

Mariah and I got to talk to McLaren twice--Friday night and then Saturday after the session. It was good to be able to see his face and hear his person. I need to read more. A lot more. he gave us two books--one of which is "New Kind of Christian" which I am told is amust read. I purchased what he recommended: "The Secret Message of Jesus" which, if it is anything like his morning lecture "Which Jesus do you Follow?" it will be really challenging and really good. It reminded me so much of what my Pastor teaches. biblical. refreshing. encouraging. new. exciting.

There's a lot about the "emerging" church movement that I REALLY like. There is a lot that REALLY leaves me wanting. But it is a discussion I think we need to be a part of. It is a movement we need to listen to, learn from, and challenge.

I usually qualify this next statement with "more than ever" but really, we always ought to be doing this: pray for discernment. Stay close to the Lord's side, listen to the Spirit, ask for courage and wisdom to follow and obey.

perhaps someday, as I am able to "unthink," I will post more. There were some things learned this weekend that were a carry-over of last and then reinforced AGAIN by today's sermon at Church. God is teaching me lots. It is hard. It is good.

Love to you all! Live like you're serious :) Take deep pleasure in your days for, indeed, the joy of the Lord is our strength. We have GREAT HOPE in the person of Christ. God come man, stepping into time and history to say and do a lot...do we believe it? Do we live like we believe it? He rose again. The resurrection--central to our story of redemption. beautiful exciting stuff, my friends :)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

weekend in DC

it was friday morning that I decided to go. the bus left downtown chicago at 5pm friday and got into washington, dc at noon on saturday. i went with zach and mariah. it was incredible. the reason:
the Congo Global Action conference

it was a decision i don't regret at all. the conference was free. it was one of the most incredible opportunities I've had while being here. it was very refreshing to get away, be with others who are taking global action (many who are taking much MORE action and who KNOW MORE...), see DC, hang out with good friends, think about what God is talking to me about (where he is leading), be challenged and burdened by the brutality of the genocide in the Congo. My eyes were opened, my heart enlarged, my mind stretched. I have a whole lot to think about...

Each session was a panel. Each panel had at least one congolese that was flown in by the Holocaust Memorial Committee on Conscience. Here are the session topics:

1. Exploring gender-based violence in Congo
2. What children hear: children as victims of war and economic realities in the DRC
3. National resource exploitation and conflict
4.Post-conflict nation stabilization and governance concerns
5. Media training and blogging for action

Several NGO's were also present to share information about their overseas work, etc (World Vision, Enough, Oxfam, International Rescue Committee, Women for Women, etc). It was so neat to be able to gather more resources and make new connections.

DC was incredible. I'm so glad I got to see it again now that I am older and can appreciate it more (White house, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam and WWII Memorials, Washington memorial, The Capital, Arlington Cemetery, etc). The Holocaust Memorial Museum was especially incredible because of where God is leading me in issues and realities of genocide today, etc. (Also, i just reread Night for a term paper).

Mariah, Zach, and I had an incredible time. We've been pulled in lots of new directions and are now asking the Lord to help it all sink deep and bring full change and action.

here are some pictures from the weekend...