Friday, April 18, 2008

When I read...

...I start thinking about a lot of things. Reading always provokes new thoughts, which is good. Sometimes i need a place to write them down and/or "get them out." So...that said, I have started a blog where I can write thoughts that are provoked from my readings...not a book review but just about anything. Click here for the link. Perhaps, as is my wish, you will be challenged or encouraged to read also! And we can think deeply together about some of the things that we might not usually think about...or want to think about...but need to think about.
Is this making sense? I hope so.

Oh. And I changed my blog template. Obviously. You like it?

It's 72 out and I just sat in the plaza to read a chapter in "The End of the Affair," by Graham Greene (fabulous book!). In 30 minutes I will be dressing up to attend a 4-course meal that Jordan is cooking for us downstairs. Delightful. She's an incredible cook...I can't wait.

Hopefully my stomach will enjoy it.

I'm going to go to the doctor on tuesday. Unless I really feel 100%. The supplements have helped, but I REALLY want to kill this thing for good. It's not fun.

Tomorrow night I babysit again for the family ont the 39th floor! I saw the other night that the mother has 7 Emmy awards on a shelf in their office. Crazy. Like I've said, a whole different life.

Talked with Dr. de Rosset the other day. She called me into her office to talk about my writing. She wanted to know what I am "going to do with myself" which, naturally, sparked conversation and a whole lot of things came up. I'll just say I was SO ENCOURAGED to talk with her, brainstorm with her, hear from her, receive insight and direction, etc. It was MUCH needed and I am pleased to have a confidant here at Moody--who knows my heart probably best of all my professors, knows my loves and passions, knows some of my dreams...and can help me find an outlet for all of these while I am here. I might be changing my major. It will be the last and final won't be possible after this unless I want to stay longer (which I don't).

So...I have a meeting Tuesday morning with the chair of the Bible department to talk about the possibility of forming an innerdisciplenary study program...Bible with an emphasis in theology or whatever else I want to take!! I will write up a plan, meet with him, and we'll decide something together. I am SO excited!!

I'm also getting super excited about this fall. for one, i haven't been in Chicago for a fall semester yet. for another, i have some exciting classes...just ignore the ones that might not be all that exciting :) Here they are:

Philosophy (with Dr. Rim!!!)
Lifetime Fitness
Old Testament Biblical Theology (with Rosset said I'll love him)
Pursuit of Knowledge and the Monstrous in the Novel (de Rosset!!)
Minor Prophets (with Hart)
Church History
Systematic Theology (thank goodness I got in with Finkbeiner...still. this will be interesting i think)

I'm thinking of taking Hermeneutics independent study this summer. We'll see.

De Rosset told me "in case you haven't figured it out yet, you have to intentionall plan our way through Moody. You have to find the right professors and the right classes..." I'd discovered that, yes, but it was good to hear it from her. Plus, she has an insiders perspective and can help me choose :) She told me to go into her office anytime!!

She also said "Andrea, you are in Chicago. You need to keep your artistic side alive. Go out into the city. Take advantage of the opportunities!"She's right. I need to be intentional about keeping that side of me alive that sometimes feels so suffocated here. Taking her literature classes will help. A lot.

I am so blessed to be in the city with all the opportunities. I will be getting out more :)
In early may there's a photography exhibit from Darfur. I am anxious to go. It's free. Again--an incredible opportunity.

I will continue to tutor our refugee family with Mariah this fall. We are excited. She wants to get out more to "practice" speaking english. It will be so much fun! Next Saturday we have a picnic/barbeque with all the ESL students and their tutors. can't wait!!

Alright. This is long. I have to go get ready for dinner. Hope you all are well! Finish the semester strong and stay focused (I'm speaking to myself big-time. Sometimes i think it will take a miracle!!)

love you guys!!


Hallie said...

Wow! So many exciting things! Are you feeling better? And I love the new template!! It's so you!

hannah said...

i agree with Hallie, neat background, very you.

And a new major again? Ha, that's great, I'm glad you've got Dr. de Rosset and that she's helping you in figuring some things out, what a blessing:)