Tuesday, May 19, 2009

who is the center of attention?

can you tell? yep, it's Sam. because he's so darn cute and good-natured. here are some shots from family day. he's such a good sport, putting up with all of us...
it's sad to say goodbye so soon. next time i see him he'll be a WHOLE lot bigger. sigh.

p.s. the "sad/grumpy/about to cry face" is the aftermath of dad's creepy laugh. Sam doesn't like it one bit. he cries each time. haha. it's funny in a sad, pitiful kind of way.

the day started with a yummy breakfast. pancakes, french toast, bacon, sausage, fresh berries, coffee. mmmm...

Monday, May 18, 2009

this is a sweet place

i like being home, even if for only 4 days. i like sitting on our couch watching a monsoon role in (early this year, eh?). I like playing with my adorable nephew. i like sitting around the house with family and laughing so hard about ridiculous things. I like anticipating new things and while recognizing the hand of God in people's lives--people that i sometimes don't think about enough when I am busy with school, etc.

i am thankful for my life. i love my life.

pictures to come before i leave on thursday.

Monday, May 11, 2009

a bridal shower and impending goodbyes

Saturday night was Sarah's bridal shower. it was SO fun. we went to hot chocolate and had a wonderful time together.

Last week was insane but i made it (we all made it). i finished my papers (whew) and now all i have is this week. I have my Romans final tuesday and that's the only final. The rest are papers (3). I can do it :)

Yesterday Sarah, Mariah, and I went to Cemitas Pueblas, a small mexican restaurant famous for its "cemitas," a WONDERFUL sandwich that can (so it is claimed) only be found in Chicago (outside of Puebla, Mexico). I got carne asada...AND an appple soda which totally brought back memories of mexico. i;ve been missing it a lot lately. hmm...

we've been enjoying some last fun things.

Tonight we have our last "sis" event: dessert at the grand lux. Tuesday night Sarah, Mariah, and I are going to see State of Play (woohoo!!!). Thursday during the day Mariah and I are going to say goodbye to Qassim and Hind (our "old" student). Then, that night our directed study class is going to Dr. Schmutzer's for a cookout. That will be nice. Friday night we are going to hang out before I leave early on Saturday morning. sigh.

Then I have till next thursday before I leave for Colorado. Gosh, time is flying. These days feel "weird." Yesterday was the first "hard" day, as I am recognizing more and more what it will mean to say goodbye to two dear friends.

Monday, May 04, 2009

tres de mayo

we have long held out but our cravings for mexican food finally won over--two days before cinco de mayo, i know, but we have more time on the weekends to cook.

so: fajitas, beans, enchiladas, salsa, guacamole, chips! yum yum yum. a mexican fiesta.

when your kitchen utensils are limited, you learn to improvise :) No bean/potato masher!?!

YUM. and we have a whole lot of leftovers.

Well, the semester is nearing its end. i still have a whole lot to do. This weeks challenges are two 10 page papers due on thursday. One i am excited to be writing: the theological and literary purpose of the books of samuel. the other i am a little more intimidated by: an exegesis of Romans 8:22-24.

i'm getting over my weird sickness. my voice still sounds horse and manly sometimes. but other than that I'm getting my strength back! I appreciate all the prayers. If i had counted how many different people suggested i have swine flu you would probably laugh. it's rather ridiculous.

i'm off to work in a few minutes. not really sure how i am going to keep 15 4th graders in line with a whisper of a voice. alas...

Saturday, May 02, 2009

"there were never such devoted sisters..."

shout out to sister :) today is Kristen's bday!
in sentimental moments like this one, i hear Reba's voice in my ears and for some reason remember that card you gave me when you were starting hillsdale....the ballerina dresses gone wedding dresses (except apparently mine's still a ballerina dress. haha).
RAISE YOUR GLASS!!! here's to great sister times past and more sister times to come! wahoo!

I LOVE YOU!!! i'm so glad we're sisters :)