Monday, May 04, 2009

tres de mayo

we have long held out but our cravings for mexican food finally won over--two days before cinco de mayo, i know, but we have more time on the weekends to cook.

so: fajitas, beans, enchiladas, salsa, guacamole, chips! yum yum yum. a mexican fiesta.

when your kitchen utensils are limited, you learn to improvise :) No bean/potato masher!?!

YUM. and we have a whole lot of leftovers.

Well, the semester is nearing its end. i still have a whole lot to do. This weeks challenges are two 10 page papers due on thursday. One i am excited to be writing: the theological and literary purpose of the books of samuel. the other i am a little more intimidated by: an exegesis of Romans 8:22-24.

i'm getting over my weird sickness. my voice still sounds horse and manly sometimes. but other than that I'm getting my strength back! I appreciate all the prayers. If i had counted how many different people suggested i have swine flu you would probably laugh. it's rather ridiculous.

i'm off to work in a few minutes. not really sure how i am going to keep 15 4th graders in line with a whisper of a voice. alas...

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