Friday, October 22, 2010

a few of my favorite things (for which I am also THANKFUL)

1. the evening drive home from work (which may or may not frequently include loud sing-alongs to songs like "girls just want to have fun"...only because it's been on the radio sooo much :)).

2. backyard soccer in the leaves. and the inevitable rich, earthy smell that fills the air afterward.

3. slippers when my toes are numb (we haven't turned the heat on yet. it's on our list of things to do as soon as we seal the windows).

4. my bible in the cool, late morning accompanied by my journal and a cup of hot tea.

5. learning things with the Lord that are difficult but so very necessary.

6. feeling more "connected" at church.

7. candles.

8. smart wool socks and my (black-bear) patagonia fleece.

9. a playlist of good-for-the-soul songs that have helped "move me along" through the years. ever notice how certain songs seem to follow you?

10. prayer.

11. a few knitting projects on the needles and a few more coming alive in mind and imagination.

12. in feast or fallow. the song and the album. thank you, sandra mccracken.

13. the friends in my life.

14. family--from whom i learn so much.

15. growing anticipation for a trip across the ocean coming up soon...

oh, and these cuties...

Monday, October 18, 2010

these autumn days

life is demanding that I pray the Lord's Prayer with new sensitivity, awareness, and humility. we've been studying it in church for several weeks. it's been really wonderful to have that prayer expanded and refreshed in needed ways. it's just that it's hard to live what it demands, you know? or live what it promises, for that matter. seems we often think we can figure life out on our own--figure out how to give out to and receive from God/others. but no, we really need His grace for all the giving and all the receiving. on our own, we aren't up for the task of living well (and living healthy). and i'm discovering again and again how much richer it is to realize myself joined to Him and joined to others in the task of living. it really is better this way. thank you, Lord, for blessing us in ways we hardly ever acknowledge.

fall is moving by at remarkable speed. it's nearly november. life has been so busy! but sprinkled into the busy days have been a handful of simple, wonderful well as a handful of really incredible people to share them with!

(and many more not pictured...)

i look forward to the coming of the "holiday season," which means Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) and Christmas (a time of year that, for me, is unparalleled in it's simple beauty and deep wonder). agh. so much to look forward to! my heart is full. but i am reminded that i need to live each day with the care, intentionality, and gratefulness it deserves (even the difficult ones...). i hope we don't ever take this life for granted.

this weekend mariah, monica, melissa, and i are going to visit Grandma in the UP. third time up there this year! woo!! we are all so excited to get away for a little while. i'm anxious to enjoy all that the north country inevitably offers. it's so unique in its beauty. and i always love going to the house on Minnesota St. :)

also, i have a really cute niece and nephew...i miss them...can't wait to see them at Christmas!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

been thinking on this today

"...the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls, who, on finding one pearl of great value, went and sold all that he had and bought it." Mt 13:45,46

ever have moments/days/weeks in which you feel heavily the treasure of Christ?--feeling with all eagerness the desire to "sell all" in order to gain everything? i've had this growing in me "afresh" lately and today it is very nearly exploding out of me. so very grateful for God who has been so generous to me--for God who has given me life in this world and whose Spirit creates in me the hope for others to also find such life in Him.

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10b

Monday, October 11, 2010

a little bee

my computer is so old. it's slow. it's "full." and now, it seems there is a little bee living in the left speaker. it buzzes when i play music. it's fairly soft, so not too annoying yet. i've realized that i should start saving more seriously for a new computer so that i'll be ready when this guy decides to go for good. oh dear...

yesterday was Oct 10th. I fly to Hungary Dec 10th. that's two months. that's crazy talk. i'm so excited.

last night Amy and Michelle came over for dinner. it was lovely. in an effort to use up some of the leeks Mariah and i have been getting in our CSA, we used a new recipe! Basically it was caramelized leeks with bacon strips baked on top and then chopped up and sprinkled over...soooo good. And Mariah showed me the recipe she uses for roasted chicken. it's amazing. i first had it last christmas when i visited her family in NM. then i made some shortbread to go with the fresh apple cider i got at the farmer's market. so yummy! it was a good time with friends.

this morning erin is coming over for breakfast--omelets and coffee. food together with friends is a wonderful combination. it makes me really grateful for the privilege of both. we are a privileged people, learning to be grateful for our plenty.

happy monday!

(oh. and peter mulvey=wonderful)

Friday, October 08, 2010

this morning my prayer is simple

"you're the only one who knows what we need. help us trust that."

the sun has shown and is shouting good morning! to the leaves on the tree out the window. the sky is blue. life is bursting with little gifts like a beautiful day.

and how are you?

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

my dream(ing)

i have a lot of dreams. some people might say i have too many. i don't know. maybe so. but i'll probably always be a dreamer.

one of my dreams has been pestering me lately. and it is this: one day i think it would be lovely, exciting, and (even) thrilling to buy (or rent, i suppose) a small little house that needs some extra lovin' (in other words, some: painting, stripping, staining, nailing, etc.). wouldn't that be fun? i think so. a place to put my fingerprints and a little extra sweat and elbow grease. oh, and maybe a garden out back...

there have been so many things reminding me of this dream these days. why?! hmm. oh well, weird.

i like dreaming :)

if i had a dog, i'd walk him with a cup of morning coffee

this morning i saw a man walking a dog holding a mug of coffee. i thought, "how delightful," and determined that someday, when (or if, since i guess i really don't know) i have a dog, i'd really enjoy walking him with a cup of morning coffee.

i really love mornings, as you know. i like greeting them in all their freshness. i like watching the rest of the world wake up. this time of year, the early mornings are dark and it takes a while to feel the sun on my face. but it comes. this morning the air was crisp and clear and promised some warmth. even now, by noon, the sky is bright blue, the air is crisp, and the sun is warm. it's a very wonderful day.

i'm still sneezy and my nose is stuffed. i've used tylenol pm the last two nights to get some good rest. 11 hrs last night. i've been feeling so exhausted! so sluggish. yuck. i hate it! so i'm hoping this bug will pass soon--before tomorrow's pottery class would be nice, so i don't snot all over everything :)

i've had the urge to go apple picking. or at least to go some place where i can see the earth meet the sky.

i've had the thought lately that we are a very blessed people to live with such a patient God. also, however, i've thought about how painful his patience must sometimes be for Him. ever think what it does to him to watch us fooling around, micro-managing our days, desperate to control details beyond ourselves, forgetful of the things that matter most in this life...? i have been thinking about these things. and it makes me a little sad, a lot grateful, and grows my love for him a little deeper-down.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

when did it turn to october?

does anyone else feel like the days are passing so fast?

thoughts in my head today:

1. i can't wait to put handles on my mugs in pottery this week.
2. naps in the afternoon are a wonderful thing. wish i had more time for them.
3. dinner with new church friends on wednesday. woo!
4. our CSA box is beautiful, as usual: greens, reds, yellows...
5. grateful beyond words for the people in my life.
6. anxious to buy my ticket to hungary.
7. hopeful for strength to work with the kiddos this week (courage to serve and love them).
8. excited about a new book to read.
9. happy to wear sweaters and scarves.
10. eager to collect more beautiful leaves along the way and throughout my days.
11. tea weather. sigh.
12. God has interrupted my tangled thoughts with a great deal of encouragement and "presence." I'm grateful.
13. church today was needed.
14. life is a beautiful gift and i am finding myself more and more eager to live it.
15. the colors of autumn make me smile tirelessly.
16. october means a trip to the UP and a drive through bright COLOR.
17. thankful for how God teaches us in small ways: using unexpected things to guide us along, bring us low, and provide encouragement.
18. i love love love the quilt mom made me last Christmas. it's been on my lap all evening. it's beautiful (it's also the colors of autumn :)).
19. christmas craft projects are coming together (mostly still in mind--the dreaming of them is coming together!). the little elf has been busy busy!
20. i want to watch Lars and the Real Girl.