Wednesday, October 06, 2010

if i had a dog, i'd walk him with a cup of morning coffee

this morning i saw a man walking a dog holding a mug of coffee. i thought, "how delightful," and determined that someday, when (or if, since i guess i really don't know) i have a dog, i'd really enjoy walking him with a cup of morning coffee.

i really love mornings, as you know. i like greeting them in all their freshness. i like watching the rest of the world wake up. this time of year, the early mornings are dark and it takes a while to feel the sun on my face. but it comes. this morning the air was crisp and clear and promised some warmth. even now, by noon, the sky is bright blue, the air is crisp, and the sun is warm. it's a very wonderful day.

i'm still sneezy and my nose is stuffed. i've used tylenol pm the last two nights to get some good rest. 11 hrs last night. i've been feeling so exhausted! so sluggish. yuck. i hate it! so i'm hoping this bug will pass soon--before tomorrow's pottery class would be nice, so i don't snot all over everything :)

i've had the urge to go apple picking. or at least to go some place where i can see the earth meet the sky.

i've had the thought lately that we are a very blessed people to live with such a patient God. also, however, i've thought about how painful his patience must sometimes be for Him. ever think what it does to him to watch us fooling around, micro-managing our days, desperate to control details beyond ourselves, forgetful of the things that matter most in this life...? i have been thinking about these things. and it makes me a little sad, a lot grateful, and grows my love for him a little deeper-down.


M. Perkins said...

I love this post title. I totally would too.

Andrea said...


Sarah Laurilla said...

if i had a dog, i'd walk him with an afternoon cup of coffee ... because mornings and i don't really get along :/

... i never really thought of God's patience like that. thank you for putting it so eloquently.