Monday, October 11, 2010

a little bee

my computer is so old. it's slow. it's "full." and now, it seems there is a little bee living in the left speaker. it buzzes when i play music. it's fairly soft, so not too annoying yet. i've realized that i should start saving more seriously for a new computer so that i'll be ready when this guy decides to go for good. oh dear...

yesterday was Oct 10th. I fly to Hungary Dec 10th. that's two months. that's crazy talk. i'm so excited.

last night Amy and Michelle came over for dinner. it was lovely. in an effort to use up some of the leeks Mariah and i have been getting in our CSA, we used a new recipe! Basically it was caramelized leeks with bacon strips baked on top and then chopped up and sprinkled over...soooo good. And Mariah showed me the recipe she uses for roasted chicken. it's amazing. i first had it last christmas when i visited her family in NM. then i made some shortbread to go with the fresh apple cider i got at the farmer's market. so yummy! it was a good time with friends.

this morning erin is coming over for breakfast--omelets and coffee. food together with friends is a wonderful combination. it makes me really grateful for the privilege of both. we are a privileged people, learning to be grateful for our plenty.

happy monday!

(oh. and peter mulvey=wonderful)

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