Friday, October 22, 2010

a few of my favorite things (for which I am also THANKFUL)

1. the evening drive home from work (which may or may not frequently include loud sing-alongs to songs like "girls just want to have fun"...only because it's been on the radio sooo much :)).

2. backyard soccer in the leaves. and the inevitable rich, earthy smell that fills the air afterward.

3. slippers when my toes are numb (we haven't turned the heat on yet. it's on our list of things to do as soon as we seal the windows).

4. my bible in the cool, late morning accompanied by my journal and a cup of hot tea.

5. learning things with the Lord that are difficult but so very necessary.

6. feeling more "connected" at church.

7. candles.

8. smart wool socks and my (black-bear) patagonia fleece.

9. a playlist of good-for-the-soul songs that have helped "move me along" through the years. ever notice how certain songs seem to follow you?

10. prayer.

11. a few knitting projects on the needles and a few more coming alive in mind and imagination.

12. in feast or fallow. the song and the album. thank you, sandra mccracken.

13. the friends in my life.

14. family--from whom i learn so much.

15. growing anticipation for a trip across the ocean coming up soon...

oh, and these cuties...

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