Sunday, October 03, 2010

when did it turn to october?

does anyone else feel like the days are passing so fast?

thoughts in my head today:

1. i can't wait to put handles on my mugs in pottery this week.
2. naps in the afternoon are a wonderful thing. wish i had more time for them.
3. dinner with new church friends on wednesday. woo!
4. our CSA box is beautiful, as usual: greens, reds, yellows...
5. grateful beyond words for the people in my life.
6. anxious to buy my ticket to hungary.
7. hopeful for strength to work with the kiddos this week (courage to serve and love them).
8. excited about a new book to read.
9. happy to wear sweaters and scarves.
10. eager to collect more beautiful leaves along the way and throughout my days.
11. tea weather. sigh.
12. God has interrupted my tangled thoughts with a great deal of encouragement and "presence." I'm grateful.
13. church today was needed.
14. life is a beautiful gift and i am finding myself more and more eager to live it.
15. the colors of autumn make me smile tirelessly.
16. october means a trip to the UP and a drive through bright COLOR.
17. thankful for how God teaches us in small ways: using unexpected things to guide us along, bring us low, and provide encouragement.
18. i love love love the quilt mom made me last Christmas. it's been on my lap all evening. it's beautiful (it's also the colors of autumn :)).
19. christmas craft projects are coming together (mostly still in mind--the dreaming of them is coming together!). the little elf has been busy busy!
20. i want to watch Lars and the Real Girl.


Anonymous said...

regarding comment #2. Yes, naps are grest, more so when one is 80.

regarding #16. Sorry dear, we are at our peak color now.
That's o.k. you will have fun and I will be so glad to see you.

Andrea said...

aaw. will there be ANY color left for me??