Monday, May 11, 2009

a bridal shower and impending goodbyes

Saturday night was Sarah's bridal shower. it was SO fun. we went to hot chocolate and had a wonderful time together.

Last week was insane but i made it (we all made it). i finished my papers (whew) and now all i have is this week. I have my Romans final tuesday and that's the only final. The rest are papers (3). I can do it :)

Yesterday Sarah, Mariah, and I went to Cemitas Pueblas, a small mexican restaurant famous for its "cemitas," a WONDERFUL sandwich that can (so it is claimed) only be found in Chicago (outside of Puebla, Mexico). I got carne asada...AND an appple soda which totally brought back memories of mexico. i;ve been missing it a lot lately. hmm...

we've been enjoying some last fun things.

Tonight we have our last "sis" event: dessert at the grand lux. Tuesday night Sarah, Mariah, and I are going to see State of Play (woohoo!!!). Thursday during the day Mariah and I are going to say goodbye to Qassim and Hind (our "old" student). Then, that night our directed study class is going to Dr. Schmutzer's for a cookout. That will be nice. Friday night we are going to hang out before I leave early on Saturday morning. sigh.

Then I have till next thursday before I leave for Colorado. Gosh, time is flying. These days feel "weird." Yesterday was the first "hard" day, as I am recognizing more and more what it will mean to say goodbye to two dear friends.

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