Monday, April 28, 2008

China, the Congo, and our own little world

I have a few thoughts running through my mind. Ok, maybe that's not completely true--i have a lot of thoughts (too many sometimes) but just a few to share...

A ship with arms from China (into Africa) tried to dock in S.A. but was is now trying to go in through Mozambique. Be praying.

Aid into the Congo has been greatly decreased due to mutliple hindrances and increased fighting. Aid into Darfur has also been decreased due to unstable conditions (attacks, etc.).

I encourage you to research the connection between the conflicts in the DRC and coltan--a precious mineral substane used in the manufacturing of our computers and cell phones. Much of it is mined illegally and sold to Canada, U.S., etc. to fund rebel militia, etc., and fund civil war, civilian ransacking, raping of people, land, etc. It is an incredibly brutal story and an issue that we must face and address.

More later...these are just some things I am learning that I wanted to pass along, in the hopes that you will also further research, etc.

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