Friday, June 05, 2009

rain, hail, and an occasional ray of sunlight

here are a few pictures, dad :)
beautiful but cold (this lake is what the wee ones jump into 4 mornings a week for dippy club. i've decided to wait until july to get my tag):

crazy night (every wednesday night is crazy/concert night). Jenna was a cowgirl with me because she went to the U of A and now lives in Phoenix. We commiserate when it is cold...

our first week of girls (the sun is apparently washing me out in every picture) and Daysha, my amazing co-counselor on banquet night--the campers' last night at camp--awards ceremony, etc:

week one with campers is over. whew. it went well. i don't really have the energy tonight to write about it.

it was a cold week. rain. hail. sun for 15 minutes (maybe 30) at a time. brrrrrr. my nalgenes filled with hot water in my sleeping bag have saved me.

God is stretching me lots. teaching me lots. there are a lot of really amazing people here--campers, leaders, and staff. I am privileged and humbled. it's often an uncomfortable place to be.

when life isn't about you and you are placed in a position of servant-hood, perspective on life begins to change.

tomorrow is a day at the coffee shop with Duran and Caleb. Fun guys. Good friends. Then taking Caleb out for his bday dinner. fun times.

tonight i rest. emails. letters. reading. silence. aahhh.

p.s. i won't post pictures often--don't get excited. its too much of a bother and i really don't want to be spending much time on the internet. snail mail letters are really the way to go this summer.

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citizenofheaven said...

sounds like things are going pretty well! I hope you're enjoying your time!! grace and peace, friend.