Tuesday, September 29, 2009

coffee and vanilla soy milk

a little bit of sweet and nutty but not too much. mmm. fall goodness :)

today is a good day. i looked at the calendar to realize that kira will be here in 15 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i woke up early (5:30) for the second morning in a row--habits are hard to form, i realize. but still. i'm pleased :)
at 7 zach and whitney came over to make swedish pancakes. it was so much fun. zach has an ancient recipe from his grandpa and i must say they're pretty amazing. all three of us flipped pancakes in the pan. yes, without a spatula. pure talent.

good company, fun memories, yummy food, and laughter. we even watched an episode of Recess.

so the other night i made fried green tomatoes.

i bought one at the farmer's market on saturday and got the recipe from the "bonus features" of the movie. well, they weren't very good. lacy's mom makes them with egg, which is apparently the "right" way to make them. i guess i'll have to try again. it was worth it for the fun of the experience, though, and i got to think about how wonderful that movie is :)

i've started my fall knitting project! yesterday i took the kids to the cutest little "art studio" and yarn store. i bought a burnt yellow color to go with my green that has burnt red and yellow flecks. i like the colors so much. also, i think i'm going to learn a new stitch this fall. it's about time.

knitting reminds me of winter nights in tucson on the couch with hannah--knitting away while mom read aloud the little house on the prairie books. those were good times.

i collected another 7 leaves or so yesterday on my way to work. i'm telling you, this is such a beautiful time of year.

i have three books to read this weekend. actually, two to start and finish and one to just finish. ha. i had completely forgotten about one of them. oops. i think i might start packing something for dinner so i can leave work and go directly to a coffee shop to work. hmm.

the grad. school fair is tomorrow. i'm going to talk to the wheaton representative ack!!

alright. enough nonsense that you are probably tired of reading :)

oh wait--a thought for the afternoon:
spiritual disciplines (or healthy life disciplines in general)....what are yours?

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