Tuesday, December 29, 2009

shorter days=winter

spending a week of winter break in arizona followed by a week in upper michigan is...different. i kind of like it. this break has gone fast. I can hardly believe i'll be back in chicago on sunday. i know i'll still have a week before classes start but i'll be back in the city and working, which will be a little hard. i've so enjoyed this time away. i always appreciate stepping back and away from a semester. up here in the u.p., especially, i've been able to rest and think and be. It's lovely. I've been knitting a lot more--I made a hat (in two days!) and am now tackling socks! I've found that it is a lot "easier" than I thought, once I get help reading the pattern. there's nothing like knitting with a cup of tea when the world is white and beautiful right out the window. I love this house. there are so many good memories here. I find myself missing papa at unexpected moments.

this morning kristen and i had breakfast together at the suomi cafe. she commented on how "story-bookish" it can feel up here. I wholeheartedly agree. (have i mentioned how nice it has been to be away from the big city?!). It's great to spend time with Grandma and Matt, Jay and Kristen, Mom and Dad....and, of course, little Sam.

we went to evangel for church on sunday and enjoyed seeing some old familiar faces. It's always good to catch up with people here.

being an aunt is the best. when it comes to cuddling, playing, "walking" around the house, playing with toys, or spoiling lunch with teddy grahams, there's no one better to do it all with than sam :) he's the absolute cutest. i can't believe there's another one on the way! seriously, aunthood is amazing.

Arizona already seems like a world away. It is, really. No more warm winter days and beautiful sunsets up here! The time home was good. I really like mom and dad's new house and it wasn't as weird as i thought going "home" to a different place. I got to spend a lot of good time with friends--and good time with family. Luke and I went climbing on Christmas eve and i climbed my first 5.8! It's the hardest scale I've ever done which is kind of remarkable considering how out of shape I am. I was shaking so much and my muscles were going nutso. Luke was very patient with me...it took me a long time to get past the first part :) i wish there were rocks in chicago...oh man.
I hope you all are enjoying these days as much as I am!

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