Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Week in Pictures

Notice Sam's sister (in between his legs)!!

Meet Sam's best friend, Bernard. Bernard is probably the world's most lovable puppy. He hails from IKEA. Sam laughs every time anyone talks about Bernard. He also gives Bernard the best hugs. They are a very cute pair.

Sam and Auntie love...

A variation of peek-a-boo, i think :)

A favorite pass-time: "spying" out the front window. He laughs whenever cars drive by. It's the cutest ever. When I baby sat him, after he got up from his nap we sat in the chair by the window for at least 20 minutes cuddling and laughing at the cars go by. I love my little nephew :)


the McGee family said...

dang, that's a cute kid.
dang, it's cold.

citizenofheaven said...

LOVE it!!! so adorable!