Friday, September 03, 2010

i really like lamp light

maybe because it makes a room "cozy," but who really knows. sometimes i feel as though i "really like" strange things...but what can i do? i can't help myself :)

the most amazing smells are coming from our kitchen. i'm making Food and Wine's "Winter Vegetable Chili." I know it isn't winter yet, but it seems more like a fall-ish recipe anyway (carrots, parsnips, bell pepper). It looks (and smells) soooo good. I love making soups/stews. with homemade bread? mmm. sometimes i wish i was at home so i could practice more recipes and have people to eat the food. it's hard cooking for one...

it's a gorgeous night: i'm wearing sweats and a sweatshirt and still get the shivers every once in a while. it feels nice to need a few extra layers.

mom just sent me some excerpts from a book she's reading about Sabbath and the concept of rest. i look forward to reading them.

i got together with Whitney today--a new friday ritual (to visit and pray). i love having her to pray with--she has taught me so much about God over the past few years. i feel indebted to her.

today i've been thinking so many wonderful and challenging things. such truth really does provide freedom (but why do we tend to backtrack to the bondage of all that is untrue?)...and people are remarkably invested with dignity and worth, but we don't often honor and respect that in one another. there is a certain sacredness about people, you know? this has me thinking and praying in new ways these days.

well, i don't really have a point to this post. just scattered thoughts, i suppose. tonight my heart is full of hope. for no real apparent reason, but it is quite wonderful.

goodnight, all.

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