Wednesday, November 03, 2010


i love beans. that's all there is to it. they're simple and tasty and inexpensive and, well, just wonderful. pinto, black, kidney, navy...ahhh. eating them now sauteed/simmered with veggies and some salt, pepper, cumin, garlic, and chili powder. top it with some cheese. so good. so easy!

i've been good about using my farm share veggies this week. sometimes some of them go bad before i get to use them. but not this time. oh, no no. i'm on it. homemade pizza on monday used up a fair amount of the peppers. i've still got brussels sprouts that i think i'll roast tonight. enough about my food supply. you probably don't care.

today has been a good and much needed day. I woke up on my own without an alarm at 7:30 (weird) and decided to get the day going. I caught up on all the bills, etc. (rant: how can ONE LITTLE doctor visit end up costing so stinkin' much? last time i get a strep throat culture. sigh) and then I caught up on emails...

i listened to tim keller's sermon on Sexuality and Christian Hope. it's really good, i recommend it to you. i'm thinking a lot about a lot of things which means i'll probably do some journalling.

the candles are lit. the house feels delightfully cozy.

i have a cup of chai waiting for me and i think i'm going to knit for awhile. or maybe read. i'm reading Peace Like a River.

i hope you're doing well on this cold, grey november day.


Hallie said...

I have listened to a lot of Tim Keller this past year. So far there hasn't been a sermon that didn't resonate with me. Maybe I'm not critical enough but it's the truth. He is such a clear speaker and I so appreciate that he doesn't try to manipulate a response from his audience.

And I love beans too!

Andrea said...

i haven't listened to much of him, but i'd like to. this was the first i've heard...

i miss you, hal!!

the McGee family said...

We are listening to a lot of the Tim Keller Hope series in my moms bible study. He is really good. I really liked the Experience of Hope.

Talitha said...

Andrea, I like hearing about your food supply stuff. And I like using those spices with beans, too. Black beans are a specialty item here, however, so that changes up how often I use them.

Also, Peace Like A River is a great book.

It's not cold & grey here, we're having indian summer (?!).