Monday, November 15, 2010

today i thought "yep, i'm really excited to be a mom"

C was a sweetheart today. He fell at school coming in from play time and cut his upper lip which, apparently, brought on a lot of blood and tears (the tears were streaming when i picked the little guy up from school and carried on sporadically throughout the evening). he was pretty shaken up and his lip was swollen. we made it home and spent the evening on the couch exchanging stories while icing. in his words, the lip was "blown up." i'm telling you, he was full of memorably lines tonight.

Me: you know, C, one time my sister was kicking a rock and it flew towards the back of my head so she yelled "Andrea, duck!" i turned around in time to have the rock hit me right in the mouth. i lost a loose tooth and lived with a large scab on my upper lip...

C: Andrea, you should have dunked. if it had been me, i would have dunked straight away.

Yeah, you guessed it. i just smiled and kept holding the ice on his puffy lip. as i sat there on that couch with that sweet boy laying in my lap, i was suddenly really excited to be a mom. someday. not now, not yet. but someday. and it will be wonderful.

and the moral of the story is, don't forget to DUNK!


the McGee family said...

I think you meant that C was a sweetheart. Not a sweatheart. :)
I love you.

the McGee family said...

You are full of memorably lines, too. :)

It's so hard not to poke fun... Sorry.

Andrea said...


the McGee family said...


Hallie said...

You are going to be the best mom.