Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pray for Chad

Civil war? War with Sudan?...

pray for the Spirit's presence in Chad, guiding leaders in truth and good decisions. pray against the eveil and oppression that have bound that part of the world for so long. Lift up the thousands of refugees fleeing the country, into Cameroon or other neighboring countries. He's the father to the fatherless, hope to the hopeless, comfort to the discouraged, strength to the weak. Pray for a tangible presence felt among the refugees--as if His own Spirit were travelling the roads with them. Pray that the Spirit would whisper truth to the president--conviction. Pray that rebel leaders would encounter God--dreams, visions, interaction with people (divine appointments). Pray that the Spirit would move in China--making leaders uncomfortable and unwilling to further aid any rebel factions. God is so much bigger than we are. His ways are not our ways. I forgot this yesterday and it made for A LOT of discouragement, fear, and frustration. He reminded me... He is far above us. He's bigger than this world and it's brokenness. He sees it all. He is actively involved to bring this world back to Shalom: peace. The world as it was intended. One day we will experience the kingdom come fully down. We eagerly await the day! In the meantime, we fight the forces of evil and darkness. We get on our knees. God is bigger than wars... We have to trust that He is so much bigger. Hope.

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