Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chapel today=amazing

most people hated it. i find that happening a good amount. the ones i really like, others don't. But i did overhear a few people praising it. That was encouraging. In all fairness, it was a little hard to listen to. The guy that was supposed to come got sick but sent his manuscript so Dr. Litfin read it. I admit, it is hard to listen to someone read. But such good subject matter. The discipline is in paying close attention--if you lose him for a little while, you lose him forever. Anyway. The subject was: theology in an age of terror. Fabulous. Lots of good history; lots of good fact; lots of good truth; lots of good inspiration. He quoted Augustine a lot. wonderful. sigh.

Addressed the extremes the Church needs to be aware of (to avoid): utopianism and cynicism.

gave a great story about St. Assisi...probably one of my favorite parts of the whole thing. Tied it all up with...genuine Christian faith walks the thin line between sweetness and nausea.

the charge: the world is short of breath. Do not lose heart. He will renew your youthful strength and you will rise up on wings like eagles. We are called to remain faithful to the calling of Christ.

ah. so good.


hannah said...

Hear, hear!

One of my favorite quotes from IR was by St. Augustine, "The Church is a whore, but she's my mother." Real short, but for some reason I've always remembered that. Perhaps it's because I struggle with that self-righteous cynicism that seems ever so prevalent in today's culture. Whatever the reason, it always reminds me that the church will always have it's issues and, as I learned this summer, there needs to be grace on my part. Your chapel sounds like it was a good one, glad your prof took the time to speak on this :)

Andrea said...

me too!! It was great :)
i look forward to hanging out more and talking more this summer :)