Tuesday, March 25, 2008

oh wow. sometimes my heart hurts so bad...unexpectedly

came across something I wrote two days after I arrived back in the states last november. man, time flies.

"The world, God's world, is so much BIGGER than all that my "whole
world" was here. We have no idea, I think, what lies beyond the
borders of our country, the borders of our vision, the borders of our
desires...there are so many MORE people and so many MORE things to
think about and consider "out there." I'm sort of stuck between two
places--my heart longing for the country and people I love but knowing
this is where God wants me right now and I need to be "all here,"
ready for the work He brings my way, eager to obey and follow. Sigh."

my heart is in a quiet place tonight. A quiet place that sorta hurts.

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