Saturday, July 18, 2009

14ers and such

The summer is passing fast and sweet. I am exhausted...more tired than i have ever been...but at the same time i am so enjoying my time here (a truly unforgettable summer). some friends and i have found it necessary to have coffee and conversation at 5am in the A-frame on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, before our kids are up. It is wonderful. Also, the weekends have been amazing. Last weekend we camped and hiked a couple of 14ers. It was lots of fun and so beautiful. This weekend Kira and I drove down to Canon City and i am spending some time with Luker.
Friday afternoons are the best feeling in the world and the deepest kind of "tired" i can think of. But by Sunday afternoon God somehow replenishes me and provides the grace to welcome another group of campers with excitement.
I don't have time to really tell stories so the pictures will have to speak enough for now...

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the McGee family said...

that picture of you and your girls on the porch of your cabin (??) reminds me so much of my cabin in MT. ahhh.... good memories.
and your hair is getting LONG!
I miss you...