Saturday, July 04, 2009

God as enough

not just "thank you, God, for giving me all I need" or "Lord, you have given me more than enough" but "God, YOU are enough."

more to do with his very character--His ESSENCE.

By nature, He is enough. This is in my head right now.

(and below are a few pictures of life's current happenings...)

Week before last--probably my favorite cabin of campers so far. They were awesome. and super cute. These pictures are from crazy night. I think i pretty much only take pictures on crazy night...apparently. i should work on that.

these were my girls from last week. pretty easily my toughest week yet. i was so tired; sick with two different was "ADA week," which is American Diabetes Association we were living and learning lots about diabetes and helping the kids have fun in the midsts of tests, etc. It was a good challenge, i guess but i'm glad to see it over. I had a couple really difficult girls and a couple of amazing ones...

Duran. as "pooh." crazy night. enough said :)

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