Saturday, September 12, 2009

"skinny love" on a saturday morning

hearing this song brings back so many memories of the summer--rappelling the afternoons away with Duran (while listening to his hysterical stories about 8 year old campers); laughing uncontrollably with Kira; hanging out on the weekends with Phil, Duran, Callie, and Kira; hiking the 14-er; 4th of July with the OC and Saigon Stars; blob wars before banquet; lazy afternoons in a canoe; laughing at campers; mountain air; morning prayer with Kira...the list is endless. that time was sweet.

i slept in today!! woohoo. it felt so good. i then proceeded to make carrot cake pancakes with cream cheese spread. Mmmmm. it was yummy.

last night Kjieri, Wendy, and I went for a long walk down by the lake. It was glorious. we walked out to the end of the pier and sat in the dark for a long time talking about God, life, relationships, growing up...i treasure moments like those. i really appreciate good conversations with friends. I haven't spent much time with the two of them in a long time. it was so nice.

you know what gets me? we talked about this a little last night...what gets me is skewed understandings (or perspectives) of what it "means" to "be a man" (or "be a woman," for that matter). sometimes i get a little weary of the million-and-one requirements we place on each other in Christian circles regarding gender. Yeah, of course there are differences--even "things to look for/desire..." But really. Men have parts that distinguish them as men and women have a whole set of their own. Beyond that there are qualities we look for and desire but I hate when people try to smash the opposite gender into neat categories. What makes a man a man isn't simply his ability to climb mountains and start fires (though these might be desired skills)--kind of like what makes a woman a woman isn't simply her ability to cook and keep house. There is so much that is important--respect, integrity, honesty, tenderness, care, determination, honor, love, humility, and the list goes on--and gets overlooked if people only focus on strict categories of gender (stereotyping!)...(and i'm not talking about roles in marriage and family)

oh well. it bugs me.
and that was my rant for the day :)

i really really really have to do homework. bleh...


M. Perkins said...

It's 2:20 AM here. My sleep schedule is still a little weird. So you'll excuse my giggling, I'm sure: "Men have parts that distinguish them..."

On a slightly more serious note, the progression of your thought here is interesting. Alisa got skewered by certain hardliners for saying something along the lines of "Men and women are different, but they have more in common as image-bearers than differences as gendered beings." She was right, though I certainly didn't agree with everywhere she ran with that.

On another note, you really really should listen to the Antlers. Just go type it in on youtube. Like now.

Andrea said...

giggle away--i figured someone would.

i agree with Alisa, too, though I don't know where she "ran with it."

i'm going to youtube.

the McGee family said...