Thursday, December 31, 2009

Keep the Crafting Alive!

For Christmas, I gave Kristen Amanda Soule's book, The Handmade Home (see her blog HERE). In it, I wrote something semi-inspiring :) and cheesy sentimental that ended with the charge,"keep the crafting alive!" We now loosely use the phrase half serious half joking whenever we find new projects we'd like to do. I love that we enjoy "making."

I was the lucky member of the family to receive the most handmade's this Christmas. I got a beautiful wooden recipe box made by Jay and an absolutely gorgeous blue knit scarf from Kristen. I LOVE it. It's from a pattern that I had wanted to learn but it was a little too difficult for my level of experience. Anyway, she surprised me and made it! She also knit and felted some toy balls for Sam. They came from a pattern on the SouleMama blog (see above)--this blog is always full of beautiful and inspiring ideas/projects.

I knit a hat this break and I am currently working on SOCKS! That's right, I have a beginner pattern and wonderful yarn (compliments of Grandma). Kristen is making the same ones (Oh, Sister!). I like how they are coming along, even if there are several mistakes already. I'm learning! It's exciting. I love's good for the soul :) I am determined to work in more projects and creations this semester...stress relievers.

(unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my own creations. sometime soon i'll try to get a few up...)
Oh, I almost forgot, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm spending my New Year's Eve sitting here with snow blowing around outside, some tea, my knitting project, and some articles I'm reading through. I might even try to write a letter or two. wonderful.

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