Monday, February 15, 2010

Life with the McGee's

I've been in Richmond with the McGee's. I flew into DC late on Thursday. I fly back to Chicago Wednesday evening. It's been so great to get away from the city for awhile. So great. I don't think i can emphasize the "great" enough :) It feels good to be in a real home, eating a regular diet of real food, not to mention spending good time with family. whew, those are all great reasons to be enjoying this time as much as I am, don't you think? I haven't been able to get much studying done. I go back and forth about feeling "stressed" and not really caring. I think because I recognize the gift of this time and in the long run it matters more to me than working really hard on homework. I needed a break. I am always studying. Sometimes I just have to give it up a little to do other things. I'm trying to be more ok with this when I need to be :)
On saturday we went into town and walked one of the main streets, looked around in shops, and ate lunch at a local diner where I had my first fried pickle. This sounds gross, i know, but it was actually really good.
Mostly we've just been hanging out at home. Kristen and I have begun new sister knitting projects. I'm not going to tell you what yet. I'll keep you updated as I progress! I am really excited about it...
Tomorrow we go on a sister date to the doctor to hear little niece's heartbeat! I've felt her kick a few times. I am so excited for a little girly. So is Sam. haha. oh, sister! He doesn't know how lucky he is (yet)!
Some highlights from the week thus far (and pictures!):

1. Waffle breakfast. Mmm. Sam and Auntie bond...

2. Watching the Olypics. Hannah Carney and the women's moguls (this is my new favorite event). The men's moguls. Couples figure skating (umm, surprisingly humorous thanks to a few idiot commentators). There's something about the Olympics that is just wonderful. I can't really describe it. I so enjoy watching athletes of all ages and ethnicities compete in such a wide variety of sports. It's exhilarating. I love laughing with jay and kristen at the ridiculous commentators (note: kristen and i have decidedly found a future as "sister commentators." think about it, how awesome would that be?).

3. Babysitting my very own nephew, exchanging smiles across the room, cuddling, giggling, "reading" (his attention span for books is still a little short), chasing each other around the house, watching cars drive up and down the street, laughing at other silly happenings...he is the best. i love him so much.

4. Being with Jay and Kristen. I love that we can hang out and talk, not talk, and laugh. We are good at laughing. Sometimes we gang up on Jay, other times on Kristen. Sometimes they gang up on me. Good times. Tomorrow is movie night (Nacho Libre, what else?!) with good food and drink.

More later. the pictures are taking forever to load. So you're only getting those three. and a certain little rascal keeps coming over to see if i will play. it's time to go...

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Hallie said...

Sounds so fun! Sam is such a beautiful kid!