Thursday, July 08, 2010

"relocate me in Your eternal resolve..."

i wrote that in my journal Sept 8 of last year. it came from a Brueggemann prayer. it's a beautiful line--a beautiful prayer.

i find myself praying that this morning. yes, Lord, relocate us in your eternal resolve: "that the earth may be fully your realm, that the world may wreak with your shalom, that we ourselves may find our true freedom in your sovereign purpose. yours--not ours--is the kingdom, the power, and the glory...and we are grateful. amen." --W.B. from "Before the Day is Out"

also, it's a good morning because i decided to make coffee (i just haven't been doing this very often at all). i shouldn't tell you that it's french press and i forgot about it for 45 min before "pressing" it...sorry mark, hannah, lacy, and all you other s-bucks workers (or coffee lovers) who probably shudder over this. what the hell. it's still coffee, right? and besides, it's in my cow mug (i had to show you the cow mug). that has to count for something :)


the McGee family said...

what the hell. are you feeling rebellious? :)

Andrea said...

yah, super rebellious. because we all know that the first step to rebellion is an expression like 'what the hell.' it was damn good coffee :) hey, remember that one time...?

Andrea said...

also, mom just sent me a card today with a little girl on the front driving a small car yelling "pick a lane, a-hole!!" haaahaa. she said she thought of me immediately, "bless my butt-hole!"