Saturday, July 10, 2010

saturday camp-out

it's not the kind of camp-out i'd like to be having but it's the necessary thing right now. i'm camped out at lace's starbucks today during her work shift, 1:30-9pm, so i can be especially productive on my class.'s very cold in here. hot outside (which i am dressed for) but cold inside, especially since i'm drinking this iced soy latte (yum).

this weekend is burger fest. that's right, all the local burger joints, pubs, you name it, get together and set up on Belmont and we get to eat their wonderful burgers (needless to say, the air smells amazing in our neighborhood). we're going tomorrow night because that's when a certain band is playing. i forget who, i should have asked lacy. anyhow. it's a great weekend, very "summery."

i should go. i have a stack of flash cards about 3 inches high of terms i need to know by tonight. gah!

something i've been thinking about lately and i'll try to post about once i've thought and studied a bit more: pleasure (in life, in love, in relationships, in general!)--especially as it relates to faithful following and living in obedience to God. i think some traditional "christian" concepts have kind of given a warped understanding of what pleasure is/means/does and how we "handle it" in life. at the same time, Scriptural concepts and understandings of pleasure ought to be the richest, right? thoughts of your own?

happy saturday, everyone! :) :) :)

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Amanda said...

Andrea! I rediscovered your blog, and I so appreciate your thoughts. I think we'd be fast friends if we lived close to each other :) what are you doing in Wisconsin? I'm considering grad school there and I've never been to the state... I wonder what it's like...